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Set! It will bring your name. ". "China will bring new" propaganda to determine Shinkai your name. Sina entertainment news in Japan, "your name. "Following the announcement of the mainland scheduled December 2nd, today also released a heavy message: the director will conduct publicity in November 21st to Xin hua. The latest box office statistics, as of November 14th, your name. "In the day of gains 18 billion 560 million yen (equivalent to about 1 billion 170 million yuan), behind the Japanese video seventh; Taiwan office forecast will reach NT $164 million, breaking the record of Japanese film in Taiwan; the release of the film last week in Hongkong, Thailand, won the first championship weekend. According to Japanese media reports, "your name. "As the object to the eighty-ninth session of the Oscar review, has obtained the best animated candidacy. The film and film articles it is expected to become the official candidate Oscar according to the latest news, it has confirmed that it will be in November 21st to Beijing, will be released on December 2nd in the mainland propaganda film "your name. ". Earlier, in November 9th, held in Hongkong will sign it, and the scene more than 50 fans. I do not know the trip to the mainland, but also for the fans to bring what kind of surprise. Recently, according to Japanese media reports, based on the movie, your name. At the box office and reputation on the good performance, it has won the eighty-ninth Oscar best animated feature film candidate. Good reputation overseas mainland netizens "waiting for your name. "To maintain a high reputation in the global number of movie data authority platform: IMDb (the world’s largest film database) hit 8.9 average scores; rotten tomatoes (film critic website) start word-of-mouth freshness is also up to 100%. Since before the film confirmed the introduction of news, many users to conceal his excitement, until you finally said "!" "I was going to make a good movie with a surplus of emotions, and it was too much for everyone to absorb." It said director at the Tokyo film festival. And the picture is warm, the feeling is also one of the important features of the film. (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: