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Business Serviced offices are an increasingly popular method of saving money for businesses that still get all the benefits of a fully furnished office. Traditionally, an organization who couldt affords to purchase their own building was required to rent out an office space. Although this proved convenient, the spaces rented to them had little or no equipment. Therefore, the business still had to foot large bills for additional machinery in order for their .pany to survive. With serviced offices, you receive a space that is .pletely furnished. Every piece of equipment you could need already resides within. Serviced offices will have photocopiers, .puters, and internet access. The cost of all this is included in your monthly bill. Another major perk of serviced offices is the addition of staff. Instead of having to hire extra workers, you can pay a set fee for the use of the facilitys administration staff. Virtually all serviced offices have receptionists available and they can be used to perform those trivial tasks that often take up the best part of your day. The overall cost of serviced offices pales into .parison with that of a regular office space. They are an excellent means of keeping to a strict budget because you dont have to worry about all sorts of utility, hidden and miscellaneous bills which normally manifest themselves in a regular office. You have a clear idea of what you are paying and how much you can afford. Yet another advantage of serviced offices is the fact that you can expand without hassle. In most cases, .panies that need additional space as they grow only have to ask the facility management .pany. You may be given extra space or else the management .pany will help you reshape your office in order to maximize your existing space. Usually however, there is an extra office available. This is a far cry from renting a regular office where you have to find a whole new building while waiting for your lease to run out. .panies that purchase their office are in even greater strife. Serviced offices are a relatively new phenomenon but with such a list of advantages, it seems to be only a matter of time before it the most popular form of office rental. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: