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September mobile phone sales top three from   the domestic mobile phone market — Sichuan counterattack high-end channel — original title: September mobile phone sales top three domestic mobile phone released counterattack high-end market data sources: Dixon drawing our Jing Wan this week released September mobile phone sales Di ICT data, three pre occupied by the domestic mobile phone, because the explosion door effect Samsung, serious decline. As a well-known mobile phone chain stores, Dixon data still has a certain reference value. September mobile phone sales in the first three are domestic Dixon data show that in September the domestic mobile phone won almost all the top twenty list, the top three are HUAWEI, vivo and OPPO, respectively, 15% and 22% share is 13%. In a single product sales ranking, the top three are basically HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, the three to carve up, the price of the HUAWEI P9 and HUAWEI P9 Plus are actually on the list. Dixon analysis data, because HUAWEI mobile phone products more, so the total sales volume is very high, but a single product is the highest price relatively cheap head 5 mobile phone. HUAWEI mobile phone as the recent trend, bursts of new machine. In October 14th, star Zhang Yixing with HUAWEI light flagship Nova released in Chengdu, HUAWEI official said, Nova series from the name of "innovation", meaning "Star", HUAWEI is aimed at young users to build an exclusive product. And only 4 days later, HUAWEI glory also released in Xi’an HUAWEI glory 6X. OPPO R9 OPPO recently achieved rapid growth in shipments from a single product, many dealers and even appeared out of stock phenomenon, it seems hot products has exceeded the manufacturers expected. It is worth noting that sales of millet has always been good, only a product list, the reason is mainly through their own channels of millet and millet shipments, Dixon is sold, so accounting for much. The effect of the blast door Samsung fell heavy Dixon data show that apple and Samsung in September sales is not ideal, respectively accounted for 7% and 6%, because of the impact of Samsung Note7 explosion door, product sales decline, sales of heavy sales share, sales volume, sales fell to 41%, 40%, 29% and 33% respectively. But more surprising is that apple did not benefit, but also showed a downward trend, sales fell 9%, it seems that domestic users have been cooling for iPhone’s favorite. The top 20 sales list only a non domestic brand mobile phone is Moto Z Play, but now Motorola has been acquired by Lenovo, Lenovo Moto Z actually called Play in the domestic mobile phone, can not be regarded as a foreign brand products. Domestic mobile phone users need to seize the high-end market insiders believe that in 2016, for the domestic mobile phone brands, this is a year of opportunity and challenge. In the past few years, the domestic mobile phone brands have successfully resisted the fierce attack on apple and Samsung, successfully accounted for three acres of domestic mobile phone market. )相关的主题文章: