Self rescue and mutual depression groups take medicine not 30 kinds of

Self rescue and mutual depression groups: take medicine not 30 kinds of heating Changfeng (left), Yu friends and volunteers gathering line. Respondents for map Changfeng Beijing Beijing, November 9, (Tang Qi) fifteen six antidepressants, four or five anti anxiety drugs, seven or eight sleeping pills, only western medicine ate not 30, as well as traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, melatonin, the brain, brain gold easily…… This is a list of patients with depression. Depression, the public is both familiar and unfamiliar medical terminology, in recent years, much public concern. In China, with the increasing economic and social pressure, the people suffering from this disease continue to expand, but their real life is not known. From the self rescue to help each other, that feeling is instantly thought to die, every time out of a sweat, underwear soaked, resulting in increased insomnia." The 33 year old Changfeng, early "panic attack" began in the second grade junior high school, until the university entrance, bring pressure to make him anxious increasingly high frequency, then although there is no understanding of depression, but poor mental state seriously affected his life. After college, Changfeng station too tall building, because of acrophobia, worried parents alone, is to jump, and later began to save the sleeping pills, save save do not want to die, like this again and again several times, a most serious when he took a year. Because a lot of memory has been missing, traveling difficult recalls, "stayed at home, I can not eat for three or four days, one day does not drink, sometimes the toilet on the bed." In order to take care of take home the son, the father of long night bald. The wind in the eyes, trying to imagine his parents lost the scene, then slowly learned to reflect: "if I die, they certainly can’t live." After reflection, he began to save himself. Changfeng (in) in anti depression charity run group. Respondents for map Changfeng in 2007, after a major surgery, Changfeng feel physically hitherto unknown pain, never had the idea of Dutch act. Second years in May 11th, due to changes in the work, he transferred from Shandong to Beijing, found himself antidepressant drugs after eating, from that day on, he never took the medicine. "My parents love, so I grew up not lack love, fortunately, around the students and the teacher is also very good to me." Long memories, when he was a university dormitory roommates are extremely sensitive, think in say he is ill, the impulse to put their belongings and throw the whole book, after that, no one to blame him. "That I cried, for my classmates very tolerant, including my counselor, he said to the teacher, these things to me now the doings of great help." All the time, not love with Changfeng "rehabilitation" to describe their own state, because he still feel anxious, he admitted that he was "practice" — in his circle of friends sun run, recent photo is just hit the line in the Shanghai marathon of the moment, he studies in a well-known university in Beijing…… He just learned to live with depression. A casual, traveling on the Internet accidentally found the "sunshine project" counseling forum, began his ten years of mutual aid work. ")相关的主题文章: