Secret the Red Army to the end of the long march to save the number of

Secret: the Red Army to the end of the long march to save the number of troops? Core tip: To sum up, the Red Army main force (Gansu detachment) arrived in Northern Shaanxi about more than 7000 people; twenty-five of the Red Army Long March victory when the troops arrived in Northern Shaanxi about 3400 people; the red army removed at the expense of the West army of more than 2 people, saved about 12 thousand people; two in the victory of the Long March when the red number is 1. More than 1 people. In total, the Red Army Long March finally retained more than 30 thousand troops. This article from:   Chinese Communist News Network, author: Jiang Tingyu, the original title: "the long march of the Red Army finally retained much strength? "The Red Army main force (Army Gansu detachment) saved 7000 people when the long march arrived in northern shaanxi. So several other Red Army Long March arrived in Northern Shaanxi, respectively, the number of troops to save? How many troops were saved by the Red Army in the long march? In April 12, 1944, Mao Zedong in the "learning and the current situation" in an article said: "the Communist Party in 1937, because during the civil war was the result of frustration, only about forty thousand organized members and more than 30 thousand troops." Mao Zedong said in a speech to the south in 1971: "long before the red army three hundred thousand. To the remaining twenty-five thousand people in northern shaanxi." So, after the long march of the red army arrived in Northern Shaanxi, in the end is more than 30 thousand people, or the 25 thousand? In addition to the Red Army main force (the army detachment) saved 7000 people, two of the Red Army and the victory of the long march of the Red Army and red 25 army when they were saved many troops? The six Legion (red two, red two army troops during the Long March) what changes? How many troops were saved during the long march? In August 1934, six red army was ordered to expedition, army group of about 9700 people. West Road, six red army suffered the Kuomintang army besieged, especially in the Gan River battle suffered heavy losses. In October 1934, six Red Army in Guizhou Muhuang Yinjiang county and the Red Army (two Red Army) joined forces, more than 3300 people. The Red Army (two Red Army) with six Red Army forces, the army of about 4400 people. Two corps total of about more than 7700 people. Red two, six army marching and fighting, although there are many casualties, but there have been a great supplement. Two corps from Guizhou, Qianxi, Bijie, more than more than 3000 people from the time of departure from Sangzhi. The number of Panxian fashion to keep Sangzhi starting. Arrived in Yunnan, Sangzhi, about 1000 less than when starting from Zhongdian, about 16 thousand people. In July 1936, two, six Red Army Red Army forces, the force number is 14 thousand and 300. In July 5th, according to the change of military command, red two, six army and the Red Army thirty-second Army (formerly Hong Jiu regiment) red two army. The number of troops on the combination of the two armies of Ren Bishi in November 1936 two, the six "Red Army from the northeast to the Kang" long march through the recalls: "now the two army personnel amounted to fourteen thousand, less than Sangzhi of 3000." A number of Red Army troops in October 15, 1936 two, Zhu De and Zhang Guotao to the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission Telegraph said, according to September 1, 1936 statistics: Second Army 7643, Sixth Army 4.相关的主题文章: