Scientists have discovered the heart of Pluto or 100 km deep ocean – Sohu news mkdv-02

Scientists have discovered "Pluto’s heart": or 100 km deep ocean – Sohu news pluto. In November 19,   according to Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" reports, the U.S. Space Agency (NASA) of the New Horizons spacecraft last year over Pluto, Pluto in the north of the equator and found a large heart-shaped dark spot, known as "the heart of pluto". After analyzing the photos and data from the detector, scientists believe that there might be a depth of 100 kilometers under the surface of the ice – like sea, and the water is almost equal to the earth’s oceans. Scientists divide the heart of Pluto into about two "leaves" and, in earlier studies, found that the smoother left lobe, the "plain", is an ice covered plateau. In the latest study, scientists believe that there is a water depth of about 100 kilometers beneath the ice sheet, which is thick enough to reach between 150 and 200 kilometers. "Sputnik plain is located near the equator, and the largest satellite of Pluto Charon, scientists said this is not a coincidence, is under the ice ocean huge mass, the axis changes due to pluto. Two related research report published in the journal "nature", the co-author, a report of the University of California Santa Cruz, planetary scientist Nimmo said, Pluto remains form radiant heat left behind by 4 billion 600 million years ago, and on the surface of ice water containing ammonia and effective insulation, enough to keep water in liquid form underground ocean. Binzel, a planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that the sea was covered with ice and was unlikely to have life.相关的主题文章: