School librarian self promotion hopeless selling books was 1 million 100 thousand-unfccc

School librarian self promotion hopeless selling books won the 1 million 100 thousand original title: Librarian of ancient times and made a profit of 1 million 100 thousand JINGWAH (reporter Zhang Sijia) 44 year old Hu master degree, Beijing is a famous university librarian. Hu took advantage of his position, 440 rare books stolen from the library, and the ancient books in the online auction profit of more than 110 yuan. After the incident, the police seized Humou home of more than 500 volumes of books. The day before yesterday, the Haidian court of first instance to corruption, sentenced to 3 years in prison, a fine of $300 thousand. In 2002, Hu entered Beijing university library, then 2004 to the incident of ancient books and special collections Department librarian, responsible for cataloging and cataloging of ancient books. June 21, 2015, Haidian police received the alarm that the university library, the ancient books were stolen, and in the online auction of stolen books. A week later, suspect Hu was arrested, the police seized a large number of books and a number of unsent stolen books wrapped in a Hu home. The day before yesterday, the case in Haidian District court hearing. The prosecutor accused, from April 2014 to June 2015, the defendant Hu took advantage of his position, repeatedly stealing library books a total of 440 species, and some ancient books in the Confucius book auction site transactions, as of the incident were successful trading 202 kinds of ancient books, a total transaction amount of more than 110 yuan. After identification, has recovered a total of 141 kinds of ancient books, worth more than 43 yuan. The police seized at his home in the library books lost 238, after identification, the value of more than 58 yuan. Prosecutors believe that the defendant Hu as a national staff, the use of his position to facilitate the theft of public property, should be held criminally responsible for corruption. Hu confessed in court, she served as librarian to the school library has more than ten years of work, dedication, but several school titles she did not comment on the. For a long time, she was very uncomfortable, feel that the unit leadership and she can not go. The use of the librarian’s office convenience, she learned that the library has a large number of ancient books have not yet registered, feel no hope of promotion, before moving the idea of theft of ancient books. Hu used the school assigned to her finishing the ancient books, the work of building a database of convenience, starting in 2014 of April, she will be a Book of a book out of the library. In order not to be found by others, Hu will also be on the ancient library seal removed. Take out more and more ancient books, she began in the online auction pirates out of the ancient books, each priced thousands of dollars to thousands of dollars. The same day, the Haidian court sentenced Hu was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and fined 300 thousand yuan, to the recovery of illegal income, the case shall deduct the refund claims seizure. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: