Scholars DPP difficult to do three things-homefront

Scholars: three things the DPP is difficult to achieve the new network – wide network in China published 13 special researcher at the Taiwan Institute of economic research Southeast University Xu Chuan article, pointed out three things, the DPP hard are difficult to get rid of the "Taiwan independence" was kidnapped, it is difficult to find the cross-strait interaction lever to the genuineness for the people. Xu Chuan pointed out that cross-strait customs the password, the party knows just the DPP complacent blindly, has missed the opportunity of cross-strait interaction. The contents are as follows: since 520, the DPP has always been to reflect a China principle of the "92 consensus" tight lipped, it not only makes the cross-strait communication mechanism to shut down, and even other aspects of the exchange and therefore blocked. Although Cai Yingwen inherited selectively on the "92 consensus", but not willing to admit that the "cross-strait" legal facts and political facts, has revealed the DPP can not win the trust of the people, to win the trust of the mainland. First, it is difficult to get rid of the kidnapping of Taiwan independence. As everyone knows, the "Taiwan independence" is the Democratic Progressive Party spirit, has long been regarded as "God card", therefore, even if the "Taiwan independence" can not be exactly the same with the DPP, but they also are inextricably linked, "Taiwan independence" control of the DPP, the DPP is attached to the "Taiwan independence". No "Taiwan independence" forces in support of the Democratic Progressive Party has no basic disk, not the election; no Democratic Progressive Party as the organization, the "Taiwan independence" is tantamount to lacking spirit of cooperation, difficult climate. Obviously, the DPP is not a natural independence, but the acquired type of Taiwan independence party. Because the DPP is against the Kuomintang authoritarian "started, its initial political aim is not in pursuit of" Taiwan independence ", but does not rule out this possibility. However, the need to address that the DPP factional strife, there are also some "land" and "West" and "freeze independence". It is only those who advocate the adoption of a soft policy with the mainland not only won the upper hand of the factions, and even often face the risk of being suppressed. That is to say, "westward, hardline faction" show ", the center periphery" pattern. For example, Cai Yingwen did not recognize nor deny fuzzy cross-strait policy both political foundation, is the result of wrangling factions within the party. However, as long as Cai Yingwen is not clear in the face of the "92 consensus" and its core meaning, means "hardliners" is generally green in control of the DPP cross-strait policy voice. There is no doubt that Cai Yingwen may not have the ability to escape the "independence" of the palm: on the one hand, Cai Yingwen re-election pressure, if she does not support the "independence" for the Lord, the DPP is not the second sun; on the other hand, belong to the pan green camp "era of force" to repeated position don’t miss all kinds of elections, the DPP is not eroded, which have to consolidate the ticket source pressure. Second, it is difficult to find the leverage of cross-strait interaction. At the end of the forum near the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, once again proved the ability of the DPP to handle cross-strait affairs. Official cold people hot fear of becoming the next four or eight years of cross-strait normal. Needless to say, the mainland to establish communication between political parties and two)相关的主题文章: