Sakurai Sho’s Masami Nagasawa and his wife – disabled athletes; Anhui channel —

Sakurai Sho’s   Masami Nagasawa and his wife – disabled athletes; Anhui channel, according to Japanese media reports, popular combination of Arashi member Sakurai Sho starring Johnny Fuji, a large Chinese New Year "drama to be aired in January 2017 for your badge" before the hostess announced the election, by Masami Nagasawa and Sakurai Sho on the show, she’s always support the protagonist Falconer and also his fiancee Nakagawa Miki in the play. "For your badge" based on a true story, about the occupation football player Falconer and his fiancee and also try wedding dress day encounter accident injury spine, life can only sit in a wheelchair, life in despair after he met basketball, and return to the court in support of his wife the story. Masami Nagasawa said: "this is my first time in this story to support people with disabilities episodes, the mood is very complex, originally I feel to show this mood seems difficult, but after reading the script, I see the hero Falconer ahead, look like the sun like a warm support for his woman, want to play this strong woman, look forward to shooting." Cooperation for the first time Sakurai Sho, Masami Nagasawa said: "Sakurai Sho is a very gentle and tolerant person, even if he will understand and solve the conflict, will not make people feel pressure, atmosphere is very easy to start shooting. My role is like a blood teacher, for love and dedication, my father is a football player, since I saw sports people’s enthusiasm, very sympathetic." (commissioning editor Fan Xiaolin and Ma Lingling) 樱井翔新剧变残疾运动员 长泽雅美饰其妻–安徽频道–人民网 据日本媒体报道,杰尼斯人气组合岚成员樱井翔主演,将于2017年1月播出的富士台大型新春日剧《献给你的徽章》日前宣布女主人选,将由长泽雅美与樱井翔对戏,她在剧中饰演一直支持主人公鹰匠和也的未婚妻仲川未希。 《献给你的徽章》根据真实故事改编,讲述职业足球运动员鹰匠和也在与未婚妻试结婚礼服当天遭遇车祸损伤脊椎,只能坐在轮椅上生活,人生陷入绝望之后他偶然邂逅篮球,并在妻子的支持下重回赛场的故事。 长泽雅美说:“我是第一次出演这种讲述支持残疾人士故事的剧集,心情很复杂,最初我感觉要表现出这样的心情好像有难度,但是看了剧本之后,我看到主人公鹰匠勇往直前,很期待像太阳一样温暖支持他的女子,希望演好这个坚强的女子,很期待拍摄。” 对于首次合作的樱井翔,长泽雅美说:“樱井翔是一个很温柔体贴宽容的人,就算有冲突他也会理解并解决,不会让人感觉有压力,拍摄一开始气氛就很轻松。我的角色就像热血教师,为爱而献身,我父亲就是足球运动员,从小我就看到体育人的热情,很有共鸣。” (责编:范晓琳、马玲玲)相关的主题文章: