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Analysis of the S6 LPL finals journey: Faker was not the strongest opponent lead when the world cup footsteps getting closer, the competition team also will determine the basic. The competition area of a seeded team, is that we need to pay attention to the war fighter in the. 1 LCK:ROX threat level: Five Star analysis: ROX this summer’s record is 15 wins and 3 losses, looks like the spring of the game’s 16 wins and losses to a little weaker. But the ROX season in the summer of peanut PEANUT into the ranks of successful series from the team is no longer attached to KURO effective strength, gambling class to support the enchantress in single. ROX this chariot like tiger down the mountain, a trend which cannot be halted. In addition to the first week of the regular season were scored SSG, SKT season was over, they are not lost a match in the finals, they seem to be getting rid of a curse: the game will lose key. Even if the rival KT is called Xia emperor, even if KT players in each position is almost the best state, while ROX is still with a good tactical command, reasonable, effective operation, precise battle and a part of luck over KT, the success of the top of a long sigh of a sulk. Comments: this year’s LCK in the end how strong? Want to know the state of hot out of the SKT KT failed to enter the finals, you know how close to the strength of the team. So as LCK deserved king, summer tournament champion, the world’s number one seed team: ROX strength is no need to say how horrible. 2 LCS.NA:TSM threat level: four and a half of long as the leading North American cult, although TSM and MSI miss, but in the summer roost. Even having regular season 14 game winning streak, the season just lost a game. And into the playoffs and the routine teams like all-powerful, especially the final encounter with C9, they almost easily ended the game with a score of 3:1. TSM has been able to achieve such a great success, largely depends on the awakening of members. Single HAUNTZER as chowhound DYRUS’s successor, he obviously handled better, because he is good at using function support hero he can effectively play wild SVENSKEREN compression, although the hero pool is limited, but with excellent operation and overall view he is very suitable for TSM, while the lower is beyond language, is a world-class Star: the rule of North America for many years with big brother BJERGSEN DOUBLELIFT+ prodigy BIOFROST combination. This TSM combination let most of the teams in despair, although they are especially members of the team is relatively new, but the cohesion and executive ability is quite strong, the battle group lineup flexibility is very large, with big brother and Pilsen team, always create the impossible in the vast place. Comment: North America in the past few years as the pension division, but this year’s MSI, CLG’s performance will give us a head-on blow, their teamfighting toughness and excellent operation ability, may be beyond imagination. 3 LMS:FW.相关的主题文章: