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The old man to the Russian Far East China pension: one thousand yuan will be able to cope with the new network – all in reference news network October 7 news media said, in the civilized world, people are ready to advance their own retirement in the country — warm climate to buy a cottage or save a substantial amount of travel expenses. In general, by 12 thousand rubles (about 1 rubles, about $0.1) of the average retirement wage, the Russian retirees can go to the country villa holiday. Russia’s "new news" website on September, 29, reported that, but not only this choice! Siberia and the Far East has 40 thousand people moved to China stay, more than 100 thousand people where to apply for a temporary resident visa. These are the data that are registered in the Chinese data, so they are credible. According to the Chinese immigration policy, if the number of Russians, a city of more than ten thousand people, the government should take special measures to simplify real estate procedures, playing Russian television news, shops and public transport must be used at the same time inbilingual. These measures have been implemented in 10 cities in china. Harbin, Hunchun and Heihe are the first to do so. Due to close to Russia, they are most favored by Russian retirees. Reported that the Russian retirees are the first ten years of this century, the first immigrants to china. At that time, the elderly and other border city of Blagoveshchensk residents began to rent or sell their property in Russia, with the money in China rent or buy. The reason is very simple: Russia’s pension in China just enough to get by, in Chinese has become a lot of wealth, enough to live comfortably. Valentina Fedorov and Peter keziluofu na?? this year 75 years old, 5 years ago, two people left the Blagoveshchensk to "new news" tells the story of how they moved out of poverty through Chinese. Valentina recalled sadly: "at that time, our friends and family are in Russia, we are also worried about their ability to adapt to a foreign country, can learn their language. Life was very hard at that time. My pension is 6500 rubles, my wife’s is 8000. Utilities need to pay 4000 rubles, but also buy daily necessities, medicine, food money There is not much left., simply can not afford to buy clothes, will wear the old. And from the China back enough to live comfortably, friends with their pension number the same with us, but can handle everything, there is surplus. So we decided to move to china." Mrs. Kozlov left the house with a garage sale of Brisbane, and "old day coulee" car and relatives of funding and bank loans raised 400 thousand rubles in Heihe also bought a set of two rooms, but the area is more than the original 50% — 65 square meters, with two bathrooms and two balcony. The most important is that the house next to the past in Brisbane neighbors. Valentina said: "20 friends live in the neighborhood. The whole city is also a lot of Russians, everywhere, everywhere is their own people. This is very good, can help each other, but also to know a lot of information. We booked a bus to go on a trip, but we haven’t been to Beijing yet. We’re not afraid to get in touch with the Chinese and make friends with them." )相关的主题文章: