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Russian experts confirmed in May last year to detect the mysterious radio signals from the earth – Science and technology – People’s original title: empty hi! SETI will not stop ET fans will be disappointed! 1 Russian astronomers confirmed that in May last year, the mysterious radio signal detected from earth. In September 1 Japan and the U.S. Agency "attempt to verify" the alien "failed" mentioned a signal, the Russian astronomer called "Russian academy radio telescope -600" (RATAN-600) to detect the wavelength of 2.7 cm, the horizontal beam width is about 20 arc seconds, vertical radio signals about 2 rad points. From HD164595 in the constellation Hercules galaxy, about 95 light-years from earth, which means that there may exist an alien civilization. However, U.S. scientists use the Alan radio telescope array for two consecutive days (U.S. time on August 28th and 29) to search for the relevant signal, but did not get satisfactory results. According to the United States space network reported that the Russian Academy of special Astrophysical Observatory issued 1 astronomer Sutter Nikova a Julia? Update message: "signal processing and subsequent analysis showed that the most likely source of the earth, it can be safely said that has not yet detected the earth" to seek the signal." In an interview with the Russian Tass news agency, Alexander, director of the Russian Academy of applied astronomy research, said the radio signals? Ipanema, last May from a Russian military satellite, and the spacecraft in the former Soviet Union is responsible for the detection of similar signals. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) Research Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak? That false alarms like this is the search for extraterrestrial life process — part of the researchers found interesting clues, and then their global peers to what it means to clear these clues. Although this time nothing, but Shostak made it clear that will continue to detect the most likely signals and exoplanets. Radio signals that carry alien messages? Are humans the only intelligent creatures in the universe? Scientists are struggling to find extraterrestrial civilizations. Every once in a while, a false alarm for extraterrestrial civilization will ring. However, when the alarm sounded, the people of the earth first took it seriously, and then went on to deny themselves. This time, the Russian astronomer’s false alarm did not accidentally lift. Back in history, for the first time, human beings listened carefully to alien radio signals, the Ozma program launched in 1960 by Frank, an astronomer named. Since the invention of radio in 1900, researchers have occasionally been able to detect unexplained signals, which makes it difficult for them to think about the possibility of life on other planets. In 60s, according to extraterrestrial human detectors, other planets in the solar system is not suitable for the reproduction of advanced civilization, but the Milky Way, other galaxies may still have hope. Drake created a number of equations used to estimate, intelligent life results show that there are 2 to 280 million kinds of extraterrestrial life live in)相关的主题文章: