Room 1 months suffered 3 poor unbearable pressure to drink strychnine Dutch act

Room 1 months suffered 3 poor unbearable pressure to drink strychnine Dutch act original title: allegedly poor delivery to suicide Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Lin Yimin Tian Naiwei) last night, Tianhe District ban village of Guangzhou city staff room Mr. Zeng claimed as nearly a month even by three poor excessive work pressure take rat poison to commit suicide, and bid farewell to this world in the circle of friends. Fortunately, the neighbors found the hospital, at present, Mr Tsang has gastric lavage temporarily without problems, and in the hospital yesterday. Last night, he returned to his work finished, in Tianhe District ban Village rental housing, due to the high pressure, the whole people tired, a little. Mr Tsang said, he then took out earlier in a grocery store bought a bottle of "smell in spirit", put rat poison powder and a bottle of wine to drink. Zeng said that after drinking rat medicine, there is no change at the beginning, he is still in his own circle of friends to send farewell WeChat. "Then he started vomiting, then become unconscious." Fortunately, the neighbors saw Mr. Zeng issued a circle of friends, forced open the door, he will be sent to hospital for emergency treatment. "Now, a little regret, but fortunately there are good neighbors." The 31 year old Mr. Jiangxi, in July this year to find a room to work, mainly in the Pearl River Metro area room. He said, his salary plus commission mode for basic salary, normally pay up to nearly 5000 yuan. However, ordering platform company implements the inspection to take delivery, customer evaluation system, according to the customer delivery service delivery speed or its attitude to score if a bad rating means that every single deducted 5 yuan, according to Mr Tsang said, to the bad review is to give away, and in the bottom of the room. If the customer is named the bad attitude, there is a risk of dismissal. Mr Tsang said that he recently received three poor, to the room in the site ranked at the end of the month, "as long as the poor over 5, it is possible to be eliminated". He felt the pressure and took the rat. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: