Resham Lalwani Simple, Ethereal And Elegant

Fashion-Style If fusing ethnic and traditional wear .es seamlessly and effortlessly to anyone, that would be Resham Lalwani. Having first seen her creations under limelight in Barcelona, she has .e a long way undoubtedly through lot of effort and hard work. Of course, one cannot forget the amount of talent that stays hidden within the designer that is yet to be shown to the world, but with the creations that have already .e from Resham Lalwani’s stable, it is clear that uniqueness and layered elegance is her forte. These days, designer wear is fast getting introduced into the market. This means designer wear does not remain confined to the fashion world. .bining ethnic traditional patterns and western trends has always reaped a lot of benefits for the designers. Most of the designing world seems to have lapped up this trend and this new trend has in fact been described as one of the best things to have happened to the designing industry. Fashion designing is now being dictated mostly by the unique concepts that appear with such interesting .binations of modern western trends and ethnic ones. Resham Lalwani is well-known for her elegant .bination of the two worlds of design. She is also well-known for her layered and textured designs which she has been showcasing from her Bandra, Mumbai base. Much of her creations are largely traditional in the base style, but have several fine refinements borrowed from the western schools. Long years of dedication and passion has led to a seamlessness to the perfect style and craft that she has deveoped. Each one of Resham Lalwani’s creations are very beautiful and elegant. There is a large element of simplicity in her style. The layered design is an almost uniqueness that has been attributed to her designs. There are huge doses of extravagant patterns which define her craft. Resham Lalwani brings a huge traditional charm to each one of the her creations which, with the peppered up western styles, make for a very unique result. People can find Resham Lalwani’s designs and works on many websites too. More and more fashion weeks are here to .e and people can get a glimpse of her productions in those too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: