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Reimbursement of medical insurance is expected to profit to counterattack the risk of major diseases leading Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! With the growing interest of Chinese consumers in reimbursement of medical insurance, which opens up a new market opportunity for domestic and overseas commercial medical insurance companies, which are eager to expand their business in china. Recently, Boston and Munich jointly issued a consulting reinsurance report pointed out that commercial insurance outlet comes, type of medical insurance reimbursement or the counter attack, but the profit is still only become a big problem for medical insurance products enterprises. Relevant data show that China’s commercial medical insurance market has grown rapidly since 2010, with an average annual increase of nearly 36%, as of 2015, the market size has reached $241 billion. Major disease insurance occupy a dominant position in the market. The common pattern of major illness insurance is that when the insured is diagnosed with any of a series of diseases that have been agreed, a one-time compensation will be obtained. Such insurance is usually an additional product of life insurance, easy to design and marketing, and thus favored. However, the coverage of major disease insurance is very narrow, including only a few predefined diseases, such as certain types of cancer. Boston consulting company believes that its structure has some limitations, if the insured needs to be treated for a long time, such insurance is unable to provide continuous cost compensation. To obtain such protection, consumers must purchase a more pure reimbursement of medical insurance, no matter what kind of disease was diagnosed, you can get the appropriate protection and payment. It is understood that the scale of China’s commercial insurance reimbursement is still very small. Although China’s major life insurance companies have launched major disease insurance, but the number of reimbursement for medical insurance is very small. Needless to say, the profitability of China’s life insurance market is far better than the medical insurance market. Each sold 1 yuan of commercial medical insurance (including major disease insurance and reimbursement of medical insurance), will be able to sell more than $5 of life insurance. The reason for the reimbursement of medical insurance market development in Chinese, a Boston consulting firm partner and managing director Luo Ying believes that the Chinese consumers lack of awareness of such products benefit, insurance companies lack strong consumer sales channels. In addition, due to the coverage of medical insurance reimbursement is limited, sales of such insurance companies is difficult and may provide hospital and other relevant patient and treatment results of data reached close cooperation mechanism. This allows Business insurance company can not design and pricing of products, as well as payment management. One of the results of this situation is that reimbursement reimbursement rate of medical insurance is very high and difficult to predict. In China, only the reimbursement of medical insurance products can hardly be profitable, leading to the insurance company does not have the power to further develop reimbursement products, and continue to invest in this area. Although reimbursement of personal health insurance in China is facing many challenges, but the market will continue to grow significantly. Multiple trends will boost this expectation into reality. First of all, Chinese political相关的主题文章: