Recharge one million back to 1 million 150 thousand live platform bubble burst (video)-denka

Recharge million return 1 million 150 thousand broadcast platform bubble bust hot broadcast industry, meet the industry regulatory "New Deal", are facing changes, although the "New Deal" may be simply reaffirmed the provisions of the past. These two years, such as the emergence of many unlicensed driving platform is facing a great risk, but it is not easy to obtain the appropriate license. The end of the barbaric growth period, the industry reshuffle is bound to come, the future of the industry concentration will be improved. For the broadcast industry, how to really enhance the value of the platform, to provide high quality content and services, is really need to think about the problem. Recharge one million back to the 1 million 150 thousand platform is facing a bubble burst in an industry barbaric growth period, the power of capital is the biggest push hands. According to public data show that the current domestic online broadcast platform about 200, of which more than 80% of the company to obtain financing. Among them, 90% of the live is still in the A round and A round before. I think they are old, they say I’m a gas anchor, now out of the mix is 97, 98 years of the little girl." 24 year old left son (a pseudonym) is not resigned to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter complained. In fact, she looks very petite, Yan value is not lost the popular network "red face". 2012, when the game is just playing the game, the left son has started to play a game company anchor. In 2014, she signed a contract with broadcast platform, Betta, became a full-time anchor, at the end of every month, plus a reward salary income of about 5, 60 thousand yuan. However, more than a year of live experience, and finally she went to a Internet Co to do public relations manager. "The platform competition is so fierce that anchor not only to sell, the scholar also adorable art, fixed working hours, high rate of elimination of industry. Moreover, the so-called fans are actually out of the brush, real powder may be less than half. It’s hard to think of red." Obviously, the left sub broadcast platform bottleneck is the current hot is going on, the pipeline network Confidante value, say duanzai, singing and dancing, vulgar jokes have completely no longer able to meet the needs of users, and the contents of dragons and fishes jumbled together and constantly challenge the bottom line supervision. An industry source told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, in the past there is a kind of direct broadcast of the cycle, to this year in August and September, basically can not go on. We now turn to the point of view variety show, do more content output, like pepper, a live anchor with the show. From this point of view, the low threshold for the broadcast platform to bring content producers." In his opinion, the future broadcast platform to rely on subsidies to attract money anchor, not brush water to attract the eye of the way. Merger or acquisition is a big trend, the surviving companies must also make more adjustments in the content. Filling 1 million back 1 million 150 thousand days ago, hunting cloud network founder Jin Jilei said, red net brokerage company in bulk to broadcast platform recharge, get half off discount. 20 million than the flower of the top 40 million, and then the virtual currency is spent in the red list of its. 40 million of the revenue with the live platform is divided into 55, their profit of $20 million. As a result, the classics?相关的主题文章: