Recall Fifteen six year old youth who work in rural areas had looked at the direction of Beijing

Recall: Fifteen six year old youth to the countryside farming had looked at the direction of Beijing tears core tip: working in the boundless meadow in tears, I have looked in the direction of Beijing thought, the same day the top piece, with tread a, why we are suffering so much?   the Great Northern Wilderness youth map information extracted from the maple network, author: anonymous, the original title: the Great Northern Wilderness Youth Daily: fifteen years of work in rural areas the labor overload "facing the spring breeze, in the sunshine, across the mountains across the sea to the border, the great motherland day Heights wide, the sons and daughters of texas……". In September 1993, the first day of soybean in Heilongjiang reclamation area youth forum, youth comrades together and I was full of passion to sing this song once inspired us to the frontier. At this moment, I feel excited, like stepping back in time, I went back to the era full of youthful spirit. I was in the Great Northern Wilderness in December 1967 to the Beijing youth, said "we are a generation of people suffering with wind". Because when we grow up, to catch up with the famine years, when we are curious, the Republic was a disaster. At the age of six to fifteen in the Great Northern Wilderness farming, hardship, failure, joy, exploration, self seeking, taste the world sour, sweet, bitter, hot. In this piece of land, I have planted food, built houses, water conservancy, built over the road…… Hard life, overload of work, I feel powerless. Unfortunately, the spirit of depression, (when my father was implicated in the case of Zhang Aiping was imprisoned, I have become a "good child") I feel pain and confusion. Working in the boundless meadow in tears, I have looked in the direction of Beijing thought, the same day the top piece, with tread a, why we are suffering so much? In this land, we work hard in the spring, autumn harvest. Looking at the billowing sea of wheat, soybean at full field, I am intoxicated, pride and sweet feelings that arise spontaneously, are the fruits of our labor, only laborers can enjoy this feeling. At this point, I forget the pain, feel the value of life. In this land, we have had bombs, defend the sacred motherland frontier. In 1969, I ran in front of the war, and his comrades have written to theirs, registration to build the national defense highway. We pitch camp in the primeval forests, mountains, daily quarrying, unloading, paving, selflessly labor. The girls delicate hands worn stone was bleeding, we tape to do, without complaint. I will never forget that the original forest fire scene, heard that in case of burnt border will occur in international disputes, we SheShengWangSi, pinli fire,…… How many comrades were wounded and fell, and the young life was so selflessly dedicated to this sacred land. Whenever I think of them, I feel sad, I feel that we live, what is there to blame and regret it? Yes, we have no right to choose history, maybe we have to pay is proportional to the not, since there are a lot of people do not understand us, saying we are "foolish", but my comrades still issued a "Youth" sentiment. Because, in this land we have created a tough character, holding constant perseverance, the spirit of unremitting self-improvement, can be said that these are our life!相关的主题文章: