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"Rebecca" blue film Song Weilong Wang Yiguan Visit Site mutual Tucao Tencent entertainment news September 20th, created by blue pictures to spend, according to the popular comic book adaptation, Yu Zheng’s 90 healing director cat tree’s hot love fantasy comic IP network drama "Rebecca" in Xiamen for the first time open media goings, in addition to the already published and popular idol Song Weilong Zhou Yutong, Wang Yiguan, little brother every day high hill and the long legged popular model of young Wang Xudong three 90 creative collective appearance, color value of burst table, the vitality of youth, from the set of the field of view is very happy, their creative style is different, Tucao not salt. "Every little brother" Song Weilong Wang Yiguan play CP a tease than a "Rebecca" tells the story of posing by the aliens and has a specific function of the Wonderwoman Rebecca through 1000 by love story, the original set of fascinating, beautiful fantasy style. The popular idol Song Weilong alone as actor Gu Shiyi, just 17 years old, he already has a large number of fans sister fans, popular live peak link set, gift Shuabing continuously. A member of the Taiwan idol group SpeXial Wang Yiguan’s overbearing President Li Zhe in the play, he had earlier appeared together with Song Weilong variety show "every day", become "every little brother", handsome appearance and humor popular. It is reported that, "Rebecca" is the first two people gathered in big screen, full understanding and funny scene, two people are a rival in the play, and then set off screen funny than constantly, said Song Weilong and Wang Yiguan on the show is very easy to laugh, he is absolutely funny than the play, and Wang Yiguan spit groove song Weilong very Mensao, posing the heart of love. Don’t you love happy 90 crew "Rebecca" elegant style the creative crew are full of collagen, Yan youth value, beautiful love, yet private style is different. 94 born actress Zhou Yutong in the play live 1000 like a banshee "," frozen old and off screen also became a "big sister", was affectionately called "Ji Jie", she dubbed the "inner wreck.13", if we can have a super ability, is that what you eat are not fat. Have a sweet appearance of the popular model of high hill plays Jiang Huai, visit day dressed in dress of her delicate and dainty, she dubbed creative recognized chowhound do not eat fat, or that she is like chowhound, rob Zhou Yutong’s abilities. Long legged teenager Wang Xudong play spoony spring hill in the play, big legs really eye-catching, the strength of ring powder at the scene of media, self bursting point low, want to play the male subtly malicious. Blue to 90 network and filming studios since the beginning of the coexistence of fine blue is to open up the "shadow, diffuse, swim" three-in-one the entertainment industry chain, to create pan entertainment ecosystem more complete. So the first start IP project "Rebecca" will be aimed at the 95 young audience groups, in the subject matter, in addition to retaining the original comic story main plot, will also give the Millennium through the love IP new vitality, while covering the contemporary young people sought a lily two dimensional elements. "Rebecca" self shot so far, absolutely generous quality level of production, for the media to visit the crew are villas.相关的主题文章: