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Raymond brand unveiled 2016 Beijing fashion week in September 27th, Raymond brand in 2016 Beijing fashion week debut. This Chinese clothing brand in the 2016 Beijing Fashion Week event, "Raymond" brand with 70 years of brand culture, combined with fashion trends, through more than 60 sets of high quality fine men’s works, demonstrating the integration of inheritance and development of classical and fashion, creative and practical "brand development to create strength. The release site in "constant Raymond 1940" as the theme of the brand, Raymond traditional costumes and Western style dress has a disruptive change in the design concept, the inheritance custom concept, traditional culture into the men’s clothing, Western-style domineering elegance and China’s modesty which reflects the perfect combination of solemn and robust image of men, and to highlight the brand quality, some highlight urban male unrestrained self-confidence high temperament and taste of life. It is worth mentioning that the display of Raymond clothing is the original design from Beijing industry group, a classic style and version are carefully developed and batted achievements, fully embodies the perseverance and unremittingly Beijing group for the inheritance and development of "Raymond" which has a long cultural heritage of men’s custom brand.相关的主题文章: