Quanzhou harbor bus station into a display driver figure convenient stop-sweets parade

Quanzhou bay bus station to display driver convenience does not stop bus bay stop use port dock ship, the bus station near the city road design into an inward concave arc, when the bus stop, does not affect the way the other straight vehicles, thus reducing the impact of import on road traffic bus station. Even the day, many people reflect with us, a number of urban bus bay stop there was chaos, such as non motor vehicles, all vehicles diverted preemption, drivers do not stop stop…… In this regard, the reporter visited. (reporter Su Kaifang Ventura) hundreds of electric cars occupy the harbour yesterday at 9 o’clock, non motorized road in Bao Chau Street Wanda Plaza in front of the electric car parked. At the bus station at the entrance to the village in Puxi station, although there are marked up here Jinting non motor vehicle, but hundreds of electric cars have to occupy the bus bay. Some people want to take the bus, take the train waiting. Passengers waiting at the harbor, after seeing the bus arrived, can only be difficult to cross the electric car. After the bus, unable to stop stop, had to stop the car in the middle of the road off. Puxi bus station intersection parked outside of the electric car, take bus bay. (Photo by Dai Hanqi) Mr. Wang reluctantly told reporters: "these electric cars parked in the bus in the harbour, not only occupy the public road resources, and the impact of the city civilization, passengers have to get off in the motor vehicle lane, security risks, easy to cause the traffic congestion. Previously, the traffic police department to carry out the rectification of illegal parking, but still can not change this phenomenon." Reporters on the scene saw the electric car parked here mostly to the office near the office staff. It is understood that the vicinity of Wanda Plaza opened a special electric car parking location, but many people for the convenience of the map will be parked here. Dog in the manger "illegal operation of vehicles to go to Huian? Go right away." In the urban public ridge bus platform, there are private car owners from time to time to stop asking passers-by whether to ride. Chen told reporters: "I do not know when to start, private cars and passenger lines will be in this position, such as passengers, passengers are accustomed to waiting here." Shi Gong Ling in the bus station, a number of "rub" occupy the bus bay. The reporter saw in the bus in the harbour, three mount the driver sitting on a motorcycle waiting for passengers, sit for ten minutes. K701, 3 Road, 19 road bus passes to port. Some passenger lines are passing off at the stop position, want to enter the port bus only to avoid. In the center of the east gate of the bus passenger station near the harbour, as the terminal station, many bus services convenient here directly under the passenger. It is understood that the passenger train line for the point of operation mode, must be able to get off the station. Did not reach the site, are subordinate to the violation. It is reported that the bus bay is a taxi, the illegal operation of private cars and other vehicles occupy the "Mount" and North Road, a bus station Kinde garden, Jiaxinmao Plaza Station etc.. Many passengers complained the bus drivers do not stop in addition to external factors as well as part of the harbour was diverted, the driver factor. 8 pm yesterday, South Gate station location in the passenger transportation center, there are twenty or thirty people waiting for the bus. Harbour here;相关的主题文章: