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Quanzhou grab his girlfriend BMW hit "false video publisher detained 9 days of Taiwanese news network November 1st to grab his girlfriend hit a BMW car, live video so juicy, turned out to be false. Quanzhou City, East Lake police station informed yesterday, 20 year old Sichuan man Liao, due to the publication of false information to disrupt public order, the administrative detention for 9 days. Police investigators Liu Jingguan introduced this year, a group of people playing "fast" live in Anhui, specially shot some funny videos posted online, attracting some fans, make some hits, many fans once the click rate is high, businesses have voted to value 3000~10000 advertising dollars. These people built a WeChat group, specifically in the group to discuss what kind of video to do to suck powder. After a number of people planning to come to Quanzhou in October 25th, staged a "grab his girlfriend hit BMW car" farce. They put the BMW car repair plant, put on a bad hood (smashed cars use), and then to Luojiang district open space, by a man pretending to love another man’s girlfriend, the two sides dispute, the third being beaten, in order to vent their anger, but he put each other on the spot the BMW car was smashed. After filming the video, they went to the repair shop to replace the hood, and then take the video back to the city of Quanzhou Lan Lan Road, a rental, to the Liao, Liao is responsible for the production of A. October 28th morning, the video will be posted to the Internet, and soon attracted 150 thousand hits. Video less than half an hour, the police received a phone call, the East Lake police station immediately involved in the investigation, and in the rental room, captured the Liao, who. Liu said the police officer, because only a false information released by Liao, so only for its punishment. (Haidu reporter correspondent You Yanzi Cai Fangcai)相关的主题文章: