Quanzhou enterprise wage guidelines issued in 2016 growth in the baseline was 8.5% candle june

Quanzhou enterprise wage guidelines issued in 2016 8.5% growth reference line (micro-blog) Quanzhou network September 30th news (reporter Guo Xiaobing) the day before, the Quanzhou municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau released the 2016 wage guidelines, and guide enterprises to wage distribution. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the estimated and approved by the provincial Community Hall audit, Quanzhou city this year, corporate money on-line wage growth was 13%, the baseline was 8.5%, down 3%. Salary guidance line is applicable to wage distribution of employees on the enterprise. Quanzhou City People Club Bureau relevant responsible person said, the enterprise should be based on the 2016 Quanzhou enterprise wage guidelines, combined with the production and operation of enterprises and economic benefits, through collective wage negotiations of democratic procedures, reasonably determine the level of wages of enterprise employees, improve the enterprise internal distribution system. In addition, the Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security also issued 2016 Quanzhou construction industry, wholesale and retail industry, accommodation and catering industry, transportation, warehousing and postal industry in four industries wage guidance line. In 2016 the construction of Quanzhou City, the baseline wage growth was 8.5%, the wholesale and retail industry baseline wage growth was 11%, accommodation and catering industry baseline wage growth was 9%, transportation, storage and postal industry baseline wage growth was 11.5%; the four industry wage guidelines downline is 3%. If the economic benefits of the enterprises in the four industries are lost and the wages of the workers are difficult, the wages can increase by zero, but the wages paid to the normal workers provided by the law shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standards. It is learnt that wage guidance line is a system of macro adjustment and control by the government to wage distribution of enterprises. The purpose is to coordinate the micro wage distribution of enterprises with the macro policy of the country, and guide enterprises to determine the wage distribution level rationally on the basis of production development and economic benefits improvement. (Quanzhou net (micro-blog)) >

泉州发布2016年企业工资指导线 增长基准线为8.5%泉州网(微博)9月30日讯(记者郭晓冰)日前,泉州市人力资源和社会保障局发布2016年企业工资指导线,引导企业工资分配。根据国家有关规定,经测算并报省人社厅审核批准,今年泉州市企业货币工资增长上线为13%,基准线为8.5%,下线为3%。工资指导线适用于企业在岗职工工资分配。泉州市人社局相关负责人表示,企业应根据泉州市2016年企业工资指导线,结合本企业生产经营和经济效益状况,通过开展工资集体协商等民主程序,合理确定企业职工工资水平,完善企业内部分配制度。此外,泉州市人力资源和社会保障局还发布了2016年泉州市建筑业、批发零售业、住宿和餐饮业、交通运输仓储和邮政业等四个行业的工资指导线。确定2016年泉州市建筑业工资增长基准线为8.5%、批发和零售业工资增长基准线为11%、住宿和餐饮业工资增长基准线为9%、交通运输仓储和邮政业工资增长基准线为11.5%;四个行业工资指导线下线均为3%。如四个行业的企业经济效益亏损、职工工资发放出现困难的,工资可以零增长,但其支付给依法提供正常劳动职工的工资不得低于当地最低工资标准。据悉,工资指导线是政府对企业工资分配进行宏观调控的一种制度。其目的是促使企业的工资微观分配与国家的宏观政策相协调,引导企业在生产发展、经济效益提高的基础上,合理确定工资分配水平。(泉州网(微博))>相关的主题文章: