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Qiu Xiaohua: the rich consumer do not meet the white-collar peasant spending money Minsheng Securities chief economist Qiu Xiaohua Sina Financial News by the U.S. "fortune" (Chinese Edition) organized by the Xiamen Jinyuan group hosted the sixth fortune CEO summit held in Xiamen on September 7, 2016, Minsheng Securities chief economist Qiu Xiaohua attended and spoke. He pointed out that the lack of consumption is mainly caused by the following aspects: first the supply side, we produce goods can not meet the needs of consumers, some wealthy families demand in the country so far difficult to meet. On the other hand, urban white-collar poverty is difficult to consume. We used to say to overthrow the three big mountains, today we are the new economy above 3 pressure suffocatively is high prices, high medical expenses. The third aspect is that the farmers’ income is low and the consumption is low. Farmers in the community as a whole, he belongs to the level of a thousand yuan to 10000 yuan transition stage inside, is a low consumption, rather than high-end consumer. In addition to mention Chinese characteristics, Chinese characteristics in the field of consumption is the consumption of public funds, public spending has shrunk recently. The following is the speech record: Qiu Xiaohua: I always think so, understand the people’s livelihood and people need to grasp from the two aspects, the first is to understand the people, understand people, whether they to the society, in this country, what appeals to the government and the nation. I think in fact, their aspirations behind the refraction is the livelihood of the people and the needs of the problem. So in my opinion, from low to medium income stage, it should be said that our country’s development across a new stage. In the low-income stage, people want more is how to solve food and clothing, how to eat, how to wear warm. Into the middle-income stage, I think people may think more than this, they think more what? The economic development and the needs of the people change first how to have a more affluent life, that is how to live a more decent, such a life with more dignity, to achieve a more free life in the economy, this is the first dream. Second want to be a safe, in the daily life and work, can get better security, there are no accidents all kinds of work, no longer have all kinds of pollution, there is no interference of various factors in the past, with the blood of a wide variety of black. In life, I hope the table can have a better security protection. Work safety, safety in life, become a new public demands. Third people want to be more equal, used to have different life, especially in the low income, people care about their rights is not so enough, entered the middle-income stage, people may be more concerned about their basic rights, such as employment, medical treatment, housing, can not be fair the judicial treatment in many aspects, this is the equal problem they are more concerned about. Fourth people have more demands on freedom. Hope to have more right to state affairs, greater participation, the right to supervise more, these aspects should be said that we are from low-income stage into the middle-income stage, more and more people’s hearts of this theory相关的主题文章: