Qiao Renliang’s last program is now broadcast to encourage the goddess to conquer bungee fear (video-ssdao

Qiao Renliang’s last show was broadcast today to encourage the goddess to beat bungee jumping, fear Qiao Renliang. On the evening of September 16th, the news of the death of young actor and singer Qiao Renliang in Shanghai came out. No matter the friends or fans in the circle were shocked, they voicing their grief. As the last live reality show he recorded in his life, "Hello! Goddess" issued a long micro-blog memory of Qiao Renliang on the morning of 17. At present, the micro-blog has received a number of fans’ messages to ask if the program will be broadcast on time. It is understood that the program will be launched in Tencent video at 20 points today (Wednesday). "We are willing to preserve his warmth, sincerity and kindness, for the memory of the dead, and the strong of the living." "The Hello! Goddess" program wrote. Warm heart "sparring" goddess of victory over fear Qiao Renliang has encouraged bungee jumping to the sun, full of vitality image appears in front of people, this period "Hello! Goddess" program, the task set male god Qiao Renliang, is taught how to maintain the vitality of the goddess. Just enter the goddess castle, Qiao Renliang jokes that he is "practice", will not relent. But when he really began to train the full range of the goddess, Qiao Renliang was particularly considerate. Bungee jumping table, Li Linyu, Wan Sui, Li Yuanyi because of fear and scared shivering, did not dare to take the first step. Although Qiao Renliang is distressed, but still hope that they will be able to overcome the fear, he said, "I want to stay with them, constantly encourage them, I rather hope they can overcome their own every personal demons, can jump down." Qiao Renliang always guarded with a smile, gently patting their shoulders, encouraging them to not be afraid, to relax. At the moment that Li Linyu was about to jump down, Qiao Renliang said in her ear a number of words: "Lin Wei, you can!" When Li Yuan, the staff still legs tremble when conflict with Qiao Renliang, distressed, alone to heal her emotions, to hug her, tell her, "it’s okay, really afraid, we can not jump, this is just a small game, never mind." Summer "send cool" hands to send water condolences on the day of the sanitation workers’ program recording, just summer, after the rain in Changsha some muggy. Seeing the sanitation workers in the park, 40 or 50 years old, they kept clearing streets and directions to passers-by, and Qiao Renliang, who took two goddesses out to do their duties, bought several bottles of water and sent them to them one by one. Perhaps, this is only a small matter, but the subtle care, enough to make each other feel warm. When delivering water, Qiao Renliang always stooped slightly, matching the height of the other person and hands. He also talked with the sanitation workers from time to time, asking how long they worked and tired. They told them to take care of their rest and take care of their bodies. Their eyes were full and full of pain. Do not want to face the camera encountered the sanitation workers, he is not much, only sincere handed mineral water. Talk to every passerby, Qiao Renliang smiled, occasionally meet the fans came to invite pictures, he also openly accept, always keep smiling faces of the sun. So far, fans still can not believe, so warm and sunny boy just left, until now, there are fans kept in his micro-blog message, "I wish to see you wake up tomorrow, micro-blog said" Hi, I’m back, tell you a joke, is frightened. "". The staff of the "Hello! Goddess" program recalls that Qiao Renliang has been very dedicated and considerate when he recorded the program. The world light rain, he will help the staff to open an umbrella; recording two consecutive days, he is always full of vigor, people never see again tired, also said to the staff work hard"…… "I can’t believe that such an effort, dedication and warm heart are going to go." Let’s recollection from the program, and remember his sincerity and kindness forever. This evening (Wednesday) 8 point Tencent video "Hello! Goddess", let us look forward to. [final image] Qiao Renliang consoled a female student on a bungee bungee table

乔任梁最后一档节目今播出 鼓励女神战胜蹦极恐惧乔任梁9月16日晚,青年演员、歌手乔任梁于上海离世的消息传出,无论圈内好友还是粉丝都很震惊,并发声悼念。作为他生前录制的最后一档真人秀节目,《Hello!女神》于17日上午发布长微博缅怀乔任梁。目前,此微博下收到了许多粉丝的留言,询问此期节目是否会如期播出。据了解,此期节目将按原计划于今日(周三)20点在腾讯视频上线。“我们愿永久保存他的温暖、真诚与善良,以此为念,愿逝者安息,生者坚强。” 《Hello!女神》节目预告中写道。暖心“陪练” 鼓励女神战胜蹦极恐惧乔任梁一直以阳光、元气满满的形象出现在众人面前,在此期《Hello!女神》节目中,探班男神乔任梁的重任,便是教导女神如何保持活力。刚进女神城堡,乔任梁就笑称自己是“陪练”,绝对不会心慈手软。但真正开始训练女神的全方位能力时,乔任梁却表现的格外体贴。蹦极台上,李林蔚、万穗、李元一都因恐高而吓得瑟瑟发抖,怎么也不敢迈出第一步。乔任梁虽然心疼,却依旧希望她们能够克服恐惧,他说,“我要陪着她们,不间断地鼓励她们,其实我是挺希望她们每一个人都可以战胜自己的心魔,都可以跳下来。”乔任梁始终带着微笑守护在一旁,轻轻拍着她们的肩膀,鼓励她们不要怕、要放松。在李林蔚即将要跳下去的瞬间,乔任梁在她耳边说了无数句:“林蔚加油,你可以的!”当李元一仍旧双腿发颤、抵触工作人员的接触时,乔任梁心疼不已,独自上前平复她的情绪,给她拥抱,告诉她,“没事的,实在害怕,咱们可以不跳了,这只是一次小游戏,没关系。”夏日“送清凉” 双手递水慰问环卫工人节目录制当天,正直夏日,下过雨后的长沙有些闷热。眼见公园里的环卫工人,40、50岁的年纪,依旧不停地清扫街道、向路人指路,带着两位女神外出做任务的乔任梁,便买了几瓶水,一一送给他们。也许,这只是一件小事,但细微的关怀,也足以让彼此感受到温暖。递水时,乔任梁总是微微弯腰、配合对方的身高,并双手递上,还不时与环卫工人们交谈,询问他们工作多久了、累不累,叮嘱他们要注意休息、多多保重身体,眼里满满都是认真和心疼。遇到不愿面对镜头的环卫工人,他便不再多话,只是诚恳地递上矿泉水。与每一位路人交谈时,乔任梁都笑眯眯的,偶尔遇到粉丝上前邀请拍照,他也大大方方地接受,永远保持着最阳光的笑脸。至今,仍有粉丝不敢相信,如此温暖阳光的男孩就这样走了,直到现在,还有粉丝不停地在他的微博下留言,“多希望明天醒来,就看见你在微博上说‘嗨,我回来啦,跟你们开了个玩笑,被吓坏了吧’”。 《Hello!女神》节目组工作人员回忆说,乔任梁在录制节目时,一直很敬业、体贴。天下小雨,他便帮着工作人员打伞;连续录制两天,他也始终活力满满,人前永远不见疲惫,还一遍遍的对工作人员说“辛苦了”……“不敢相信,这样一个努力、敬业、暖心的人就这么走了。”就让我们从节目里再回忆一次吧,永远记住他的真诚与善良。今晚(周三)8点腾讯视频《Hello!女神》,让我们共同期待。 【最后影像】乔任梁化身暖心导师蹦极台上安慰女学员相关的主题文章: