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Public officials have 380 suite is not important – chief Sohu on October 25th, reporters from the New District of Nanchang City People’s Procuratorate learned that the network transmission sitting on more than and 380 sets of real estate Nanchang high tech Zone procuratorate Xu Linbao, deputy chief of the duty crime is not the hospital, just ordinary workers. (Sohu October 25th) today, can have a set of their own property is the ideal of many working-class. Nanchang high tech Zone, deputy director of the office of Xu Linbao has more than and 380 sets of real estate, but people scared off the chin. If not the network signed more than and 200 sets, more than and 180 sets have been take to handle real estate license, but also to all the officials and the people envy jealous hate. Of course, I do not hate, if Xu Linbao’s property is legally obtained, we really can not say what, but from the point of the report, as the officer he was involved in illegal fund-raising, to resort to deceit, his wife’s name to help the transfer of assets of billions of dollars and son-in-law. These really need to clarify to the public a reasonable account. Otherwise, the public opinion influence hard, but. According to the October 24th "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported that Xu Lin claimed to be the nephew for Mr. Chen said in an interview, Xu Linbao and his family name is some more than and 100 houses, all before 2013 to purchase, purchase, loan funds for real estate, Xu Linbao was left without post business and his wife Mao Faying Long Yuewu many years of business income; "" is Xu Baolin’s son-in-law. If Mr Chen said, Lin Linbao and his wife to buy these real estate business income, people really bad. After all, a few years ago, officials quit the sea is not unique to the local business, Xu Linbao from the township government resigned to go into business without blame. However, we must see that the net posts reflect the 2014 Xu Linbao and son Long Yuewu to do business and joint development projects under the guise of Xu Linbao is a chief procurator, and there are a lot of real estate can be used as collateral to guarantee repayment, the Dragon Yuewu and Jiangxi Longyao Decoration Company Limited for the borrower, the number of people has to borrow on billion yuan, and to borrow money transfers to Jiangxi Lin Yang Investment Development Limited account. Finally, some borrowers to recover the loan hopeless, while the son-in-law Long Yuewu allegedly transferred to the assets of hundreds of billions of dollars. This is suspected of illegal fund-raising and illegal transfer of assets to evade debt? Need to be defined by the judiciary. If the net posts reflect true, then whether Xu Linbao is the deputy chief of the procuratorate or the preparation of the work of the staff, the identity is not important, whether the alleged illegal? Therefore, Nanchang hi tech Industrial Development Zone People’s Procuratorate and in October 1st, set up a special investigation team, in October 5th, decided to stop working Xu Linbao, accept the organization investigation. The relevant issues are under further investigation." The decision is correct and necessary. Must see, now the public expectation is a investigation results as soon as possible, if the property is their legitimate income, quickly announced the truth to quell public opinion; if there is illegal behavior, according to law to the public when justice, to maintain law dignity, but also play an exemplary role. As a party should actively cooperate with the organization.相关的主题文章: