Printed on the border between China and India to deploy Bula Moss missile threat to many provinces

On the Sino Indian border missile threat Bula Moss China multi – Sohu military channel has repeatedly warned India not to Chinese even in the so-called "Arunachal Pradesh" (Zangnan area Chinese) deployment "Bula Moss" missile, but India insists its military deployment decision will not be China effect. According to the 24 India NDTV news network reported that India’s senior military sources said 23: "we perceived threat and security concerns are our own, we through the deployment of equipment in our" territory "to deal with these problems should not cause other concerns." NDTV news network, said the Chinese military said, India will deploy Supersonic Missiles at the border, has exceeded its normal defense needs, a serious threat to China’s Tibet, Yunnan hinterland." It is reported that the Bula Moss missile is a supersonic cruise missile, can be launched from submarines, surface ships, aircraft or land. The missile can carry 300 kilograms of warheads, hitting land and sea targets. Since 2007, the India army put on the "Moss" missile, and now the India air force Su -30MKI fighter aircraft is also being used to test the missile. It is worth mentioning that the India army is costing 43 billion rupees (about $4 billion 260 million) for a new regiment of India improved Bula Moss missile. Along the Himalaya mountains. Deployment of the "Brad Moss" Block III has advanced missile guidance system, it can make the missile maneuver very precise speed at 2.8 times the speed of sound, can very accurately hit the target hidden behind the mountains. It is said that the new missile regiment is equipped with about 100 "Bula Moss" Block III missiles and matching heavy launch vehicles. NDTV news said recently, India’s military to strengthen the border strength, including the construction of a new runway road and high elevation airports, and the Su -30MKI fighter deployed here, in order to better control the area of India. India’s military sources said, in the "Arunachal Pradesh" deployment "Brad Moss" missile should not make outside surprised, because India had been using multiple missile system to defend the homeland".相关的主题文章: