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Prices end steel enterprises profitable CISA pass the NDRC request for additional critical point price of coal supply surging news reporter He Liping has hit an China steel enterprises profitable, forcing steel enterprises back. In September 21st, the spread of the Internet a Chinese Steel Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as CISA) submitted to the national development and Reform Commission documents, the paper mainly reflects on the recent steel industry coal supply situation. Documents show that nearly two months of the steel industry supplies of coal, coal inventory and some iron and steel enterprises coking coal is almost broken for the individual. Winter storage fell, the company’s coal stocks are generally low, steel mills to increase the supply of coal mines, the contract, in order to ensure the normal production of enterprises. The spread of the Internet China Steel Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as CISA) submitted to the national development and Reform Commission documents. The document also mentioned that since June this year, abnormal fluctuations in the supply of coal, affecting the normal production of iron and steel enterprises, should solve the problem of excess coal production capacity should not arise. Surging news () of this document to CISA insiders confirmation, the insiders said, "this is true". As for the CISA’s attitude on the matter, the person said, "generally speaking, we do not hold the position, only the statement on behalf of the enterprise". This year, due to the strict implementation of coal mine production system of 276 working days, limiting the production of domestic coal production after producing area not only reduced by market supply tensions, the coking coal industry inventory is very low, while coal prices continued to rise. The last two months, the main domestic coking coal rose 100-150 yuan per ton, or more than 20%, coking coal prices have risen to April 2014 levels. The 21 day price display, imported Australian coking coal price excluding tax reached $186 tons, compared with $100 in early June of this year rose more than 80% tons. The sharp rise in steel raw materials in the first half of the profits have been good steel enterprises into profit. According to Lange steel market in September 19th: by monitoring cloud providers currently in Tangshan two metallurgical coke price 1340-1360 yuan, up 80-100 yuan more than at the beginning of the month. This data is roughly calculated, the current small and medium-sized steel enterprises steel-making cost is at the beginning of the month rose 30-40 yuan, while the billet was tired of 150 yuan or so, mills profit margins are compressed 180-190 yuan, the individual cost of steel enterprises is not good control or even loss has occurred. However, coal prices may usher inflection point. Jiangsu, a manager of the name of a surging steel surging news (), said, coking coal and then continue to go up, we will cut production, the loss of things who are not willing to do". According to the manager said, steel prices up coal stocks mainly occurred in some time ago, now because of steel prices nearing profitability, has ended up inventory, "has now ended up the library, we need to take as much, the general inventory in 10 days -20 days". The manager also said that due to coking coal imports more fierce, and now has been the main procurement of domestic raw materials. In addition, according to Bloomberg quoted unnamed sources familiar with the matter, said the China Coal Industry Association issued a notice to China Shenhua Group, allowing Shenhua conditional increase. Shenhua coal mine in September, 14 subordinates were allowed to increase production, the maximum allowable monthly increments of up to 2 million 790 thousand tons. In addition to Shenhua, I Taiwa.相关的主题文章: