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President of Senegal: G20 believe that the Hangzhou summit will help African Development – Beijing, Senegal’s president Sall was invited to Hangzhou to attend the twenty G20 Summit (G20) said on the eve of an interview with Chinese media, the group of twenty nations by the major developed and emerging market countries, believe that the Hangzhou Summit will help the global economy, especially is the economic development of the African continent. September 4th to 5, the members of the group of twenty leaders and guests, heads of international organizations were invited to gather in Hangzhou, around the "construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy" theme, facing with the world economy’s most prominent, the most important and most pressing challenges, for the direction of international cooperation. Senegal is the new president of the new partnership for Africa’s development, Sall was invited to attend the twenty summit of the group of Hangzhou. He said that the outcome of the Hangzhou summit is expected, as a representative of African countries, he will appeal to the participating countries continue to improve the attention of African countries, increase investment in africa. About the role of foreign aid to African development, Sall said that foreign aid can promote the development of a country, a continent, Africa needs investment, need to establish mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with other countries in the world, and through cooperation, to African governments, enterprises and people benefit, realize the development of the mainland. Sall said, only the African continent to participate in the development of their own investment and financing to Africa’s economy really can achieve leapfrog development, and catch up in the field of infrastructure construction, energy development priority in africa. Different from the previous twenty G20 summit in Hangzhou, a prominent position will be the first development in the global macroeconomic policy framework for the first time on 2030 to implement the sustainable development agenda action plan, clearly support the industrialization of Africa and the least developed countries. Sall said, the Au "2063 vision" proposed the establishment of a global interconnection and participate in the innovation of science and technology in Africa, and the Hangzhou summit "construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy" the theme of the new revolution in the field of information agree without prior without previous consultation, communication technology is expected to help African countries across the stage of industrial backwardness, realize the revitalization. Talking about non cooperation, Sall said that the development of African countries Chinese proposed strategy and achieve national revitalization strategy fully fit, China investment plays a great role in the economic development of African countries in the past, Chinese has been shown to carry out cooperation with Africa, African countries expect Chinese to maintain this trend, strengthen cooperation with Africa. (Xing Jianqiao Wang Meng)相关的主题文章: