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Pregnancy, there is no advantage of how to do? Sohu – maternal menarche after each month will have an ovarian mature eggs, the dominant follicle, only the egg to form a fertilized egg sperm! The so-called follicular dysplasia, is likely to be due to a variety of diseases affecting the development of the follicle, there is no mature eggs and sperm will not be pregnant. The ovary is the place where the follicular development, the women of childbearing age in the ovary, each cycle will be more than a dozen or more follicles at the same time, but can be mature and often only one discharge. A follicle undergoes three stages: primordial follicles, growing follicles and mature follicles. Can not grow into the dominant follicle of the egg will slowly shrink. What is the advantage of the follicle experts point out: the most mature in each cycle, the largest follicle is known as the dominant follicle. From the point of view of fertility, not the bigger the better, the normal pregnancy, the size of the follicles in the best 18mm-20mm. If follicle increased to 48h not rupture after 18mm no ovulation, so there will be luteinized follicles, will lose the conception function, so large follicles did not any effect, so the follicle is not the bigger the better! The development process of the rapid growth of the dominant follicle, follicle diameter can be a day doubled the 2 ~ 3 days before ovulation, the daily growth of 2 ~ 3mm hours before ovulation can increase 6 ~ 7mmc when the egg development arrives tenth days have been around 10mm, the dominant follicle can quickly grow up until about 20mm at this time, ultrasound will find prominent dominant follicle for ovulation, ovary, ovulation usually within 10 hours. Under normal circumstances, if the day of ovulation intercourse, pregnancy success rate as high as 85%. That’s why doctors recommend ovulation monitoring! Do you want to know if you have an advantage? The development of ovarian follicles is the most reliable, the number of follicles in the ovary, the size of the follicles, the shape of the follicles. B-ultrasonometry largest follicles appeared in menstruation 10-16 days, follicle diameter of 20mm, rounded, thin wall, projecting to one side of the ovary, the internal sound good, the time of ovulation in menstruation 12-18 days to see, a few days in 20-30. After ovulation, the follicle wall features: partial collapse, serrated edge collapse, there are many thin light, visible 5-15mm liquid dark area uterine rectum in the crypts, generally disappeared in 1 days after ovulation. If a female friend found that the development of ovarian follicles is not good, there is no advantage when the follicle does not blindly promote ovulation and pregnancy. An egg that is poorly developed or does not reach the dominant follicle is not able to conceive even if it is discharged. The poor quality of the seed, how will produce good fruit? If you are faced with follicular bad trouble, don’t worry, we through clinical treatment, combination of traditional Chinese and Western medical method, can help a good mature follicle. Only when the dominant follicle and sperm combination can be pregnant!相关的主题文章: