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Precious metals continue to fall down crude oil to take seven even Yang Hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The article from the WeChat public number: traders Union international market for global financial markets on Thursday September payrolls report released, U.S. stocks closed flat, USD rally, U.S. bond yields the highest since April, the longest losing streak, and rose to the highest level in four months, the price of gold hit a four month low. OPEC agreed to limit production and U.S. crude oil inventories fell for five consecutive weeks to promote good, crude oil prices continued to climb, the oil topped $50 mark. Financial news 1, the European Central Bank in September meeting: to existing policies to stimulate the time to use all the tools the European Central Bank today released the minutes of the September meeting, pointed out that the European Central Bank to maintain the possibility of further stimulus to boost inflation, if necessary, the European Central Bank is willing to use all the tools. But the emphasis will still be on existing policies to give the current policy time to play a role. Prior to September the European Central Bank to maintain the interest rate and the size of the purchase of debt, the same period. 2, OPEC give up with the mouth cut? The U.S. oil rose above 50 mark for the first time since June 24th WTI oil prices rose above 50 mark, cloth oil up to $52.44 refresh date. Algeria’s energy minister said earlier today that OPEC agreed to seek the initial goal of oil price of $50~55 barrel, if the average daily production of 700 thousand barrels of scale is not enough, will further increase the intensity of production cuts. 3, Philippine foreign minister said it would get rid of the dependence on the United States to pursue independent foreign Peso weakness on Thursday, Philippines’s foreign minister Perfecto Yasay said in a statement, stressed that the Philippine government will get rid of the dependence on the United States to pursue an independent foreign policy. The statement said that due to the United States to let Philippines down, the Philippine President Duthel Te had to adjust the foreign policy, led the country to pursue the interests of the country on the path of independent diplomacy Philippines. Philippines Peso continued to weaken, as of the time of the evening of 22:06, the dollar rose to 48.403 pesos in Philippines, the daily gain of up to 0.26%, a new intraday high of up to 48.424. 4, the banking sector layoffs continue to cut 1000 extra cold Deutsche Bank Thursday, Deutsche Bank announced as part of the restructuring plan, the additional layoffs of 1000 people in germany. The 3000 job cuts at Deutsche Bank scheduled layoffs outside. The bank said that this is part of a restructuring plan for Deutsche Bank announced in October 2015, when the company CEO John Cryan announced plans to lay off 9000 people, accounting for about 9% of its global workforce. 5, the United States last week, the first loss of nearly 43 years of unemployment last week, the United States last week for the first time to apply for unemployment benefits fell to 249000, close to the lowest level in 43 years. In the case of tightening labor markets, employers do not want to dismiss employees, good signs of labor market will also support the theory of beauty相关的主题文章: