Pre sale money Geely sales target raised to 660 thousand roselip

Pre sale money Geely sales target raised to 660 thousand units in August 22nd, Geely Automobile Market in Northwest China 4S shop opened simultaneously 9. Loss in the car dealer has become the industry norm, Geely expanded network speed is improving. Geely Group Vice President, general manager of sales company Lin Jie told reporters that the set off, the store still occupy a large part of. At the same time, the real store to consumers effectively show the promotion of Geely marketing. At present, almost all the existing dealer profitability." Lin Jie said, this is the investor confidence by actively enter the Geely automobile. In August 16th last year, Geely Automobile de Xi’an flagship store opened in the year to achieve profitability. This year, is located in Xining Geely Qinghai Rui Rui 4S shop to create a new investment of 50 million yuan, chairman of the Swiss auspicious Fang Hu told reporters that the profit is not worried. The joint promotion of the number and quality of dealers is one of the key tasks of Geely Automobile Marketing 3. According to the plan, by the end of this year, the number of Geely dealers will reach 800, of which more than 100 new, return to the first tier cities is also the key. In Beijing, for example, on the basis of the previous 4 dealers, Geely has added a new 3. Fortunately, the number of dealers, product launch, as well as the layout of the production capacity and so on, are in the Geely 2020 strategy, there are plans to promote the rhythm." Geely Group President, CEO An Conghui told reporters that at present, each of the 2020 strategic objectives of the basic plan is completed, the second half of this year will be released details. Pre make money should be the norm of the industry, there are a lot of joint venture brand investors find us, consulting to join the situation, which is the most attractive, but also the most puzzling is that Geely dealers selling cars is to make money." Geely Automobile sales in the northwest region, admitted to reporters, at present, Geely almost all models can guarantee sales profits. This has entered a period of adjustment in the field of car dealers are rare. According to auto dealers chamber of Commerce statistics, the first half of 2016, 90% of the dealers at a loss, the greater the proportion of sales upside down. "Sales upside down" refers to the dealers selling cars cheaper than car prices, the loss of sales by manufacturers to complete the task after rebate, and customer service business and other sectors, to make up for the losses caused by the car, at the same time to ensure cash flow. Previously, due to the pressure of the manufacturers, poor price competition and other reasons, car dealers do not make money before the sale, only rely on the sale of business to make up for losses in the field of automotive circulation normal. "Let the channel profit is an ecological concept, one is to pay attention to quality; two is the weight." Lin Jie told reporters that Geely will cover the area in the northwest and other areas are not sufficient to accelerate the number of additional distributors; while the existing dealers to enhance sales, service quality. This is based on Geely 3 times the product needs to determine the marketing promotion. This reporter has learned that Geely Automobile is the product of the 3 era to establish a pre profitable formats. At present, the imperial EC7, imperial GS, Bo Rui, Bo and other products more profit, in a leading position in the popularization of the brand. Geely doesn’t do well in marketing." An Conghui admitted to reporters, compared with before, the marketing level does"相关的主题文章: