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UnCategorized All children are unique and they develop at different pace. Some children will develop and acquire certain skills earlier than others. In general, girls also develop faster than boys at an early age. It is very important to keep in mind that the age a child acquires a skill such as knowing when to go potty does not reflect a child’s intelligence or future maturity. To be considered ready and to ensure a pleasant experience while potty training toddlers, children will need to be both physical and emotional prepared. Experienced parents who have successfully potty trained their children found that parents who start potty training toddlers at a very young age have faster and easier success rate then those parents that wait until the child is much older. However, many "experts" feel that children less than two years of age should not be potty trained. They fear that the children are not ready and parents who try to potty train them will result in adverse consequences. The child can be.e defiant or rebellious and may result in long-term parent-child relationship problems in addition to future potty training problems. Contrary to what the child development "experts" say, there are some who feel that some children are ready to be trained at a very young age. In reality, parents will know best how ready a child is to begin toilet training. Children who are younger are more impressionable; they are not set in their minds and ways. The closer to the age of three that a child gets, the more set in their ways they get. They develop diaper-dependence and be.e set in how they like to do things. The older the child gets the harder and longer it takes for parents to get their child potty trained. Children around 3-4 years old tend to be manipulative as well. They know how to control the situation and they use it to their full advantage. Humans tend to get into ruts. They be.e very .fortable with the way things are and thus getting them to change tends to be harder. If potty trained correctly, there may be no consequences to potty training toddlers early. Experienced parents found that most children at the age of 22 months old are ready to potty train and can be trained in a short time. Anyone who quotes an age when a child is too young for potty training is probably making generalizations that do not apply to all children. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: