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Adhere to the post   fighting line – Shaanxi Channel – People’s original title: stick to the job line, National Day holiday end. People who have returned to work may still be enjoying the happiness of a long holiday. During the vacation, visitors relax and happy behind, no doubt condenses the post for the safe, smooth silent pay. During the national day, Xi’an high-speed traffic police brigade police dispatched a total of 2351 passengers, 902 police vehicles, the average daily working time of 15 hours, to ensure safe and smooth highway in Xi’an area. In order to ensure the highway traffic order during the national day, Xi’an high-speed traffic police on the UAV fully upgraded, each battery capacity can reach more than 30 minutes, you can clearly see the vehicle license plate 200 meters away, can accurately capture the illegal occupation of the emergency lane, the ability to more effectively ensure thorough investigation of illegal highway traffic. For the National Day golden week to travel peak, Guangxi Frontier Corps Longbang border checkpoints full line of police on duty, reasonable adjustment of service mode, set up to guide the Taiwan, Rest Area and umbrella, drinking water and other daily necessities for the majority of visitors, provide on-site consultation, immigration, difficult to help maintain order and other intimate service for passengers. At the same time, the station also carries out the 24 hours inspection service on the border transnational tourism team to shorten the time of the frontier inspection tour at the port. During the National Day holiday, tourists in Guangxi, Dongxing, Vietnam border, multiplied. Soldiers have illegal and criminal activities against trafficking, drug trafficking, smuggling and other mountain nanmu checkpoints still stick to their posts, carrying out frontier inspection personnel, vehicles, goods of border management zone of Dongxing. "Soldier’s position is in the first line, minor wound cannot be under fire line."." Wei Tao, who was just returning from the hospital and immediately returned to duty, was on duty. Some people stick to their posts, do the National Day golden week service for tourists, and some people fight for livelihood security in a rainy day. In Beijing, Fengtai District, Dahongmen coal to electricity scene, 4 electric power workers are completing substation box bolt installation, base mortar sealing and so on. State Grid Beijing Fengtai power supply company Zhang Jie, director of the scene, said, coal to electricity scene in the alley alley of the old city, road narrow, large equipment can not enter, can only be artificial transportation. As the project time, heavy task, power workers Richuerzuo, sunset and the return to work 12 hours a day. Worker Wang Xiao said, "we must finish the construction task before the heating season comes."." After the National Day golden week, it will usher in the annual Double Ninth festival. On the 7 day, the last day of National Day golden week, Guangzhou Haizhuqu District cadres and masses only wish national day, but also busy respecting the old. At 9 a.m., the opening ceremony of the fourth south of the Five Ridges ancestral temple cultural festival was held in Whampoa  village, Haizhuqu District, the starting place of the "maritime Silk Road" in Guangzhou. Different from the previous, the festival also invited to be named the provincial intangible cultural heritage "Chaoyang British song and dance team" came to help out. The paper-cut master Chen Cuibing, master Luo Minxin and master Zhao Yiming color lanterns etc. Cantonese folk handicraft heritage, is gathered in the village of Hu ancestral hall, folk art museum to cherish, to attract a lot of tourists come to watch and experience. Haizhu district Party committee) 坚守岗位 奋战一线–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:坚守岗位 奋战一线 国庆长假结束。已经返回工作岗位上的人们,或许还在回味着长假的快乐。休假期间,游人放松快乐的背后,无疑凝聚着坚守岗位者为平安、畅通的默默付出。 国庆期间,西安交警高速大队共计出动警力2351人次,警车902辆次,平均每人每日工作时间15小时,确保了西安辖区高速公路安全畅通。为保障国庆期间高速公路交通秩序,西安高速交警对无人机全面升级,每块电池续航能力能达到30分钟以上,可以清晰地看到200米以外的车辆号牌,能够精准抓拍占用应急车道违法行为,更加有效地保障严查高速公路交通违法行为的能力。 为应对国庆黄金周出境旅游高峰,广西边防总队龙邦边防检查站充实一线执勤警力,合理调整勤务模式,为广大旅客设立了引导台、休息区以及雨伞、饮用水等日常生活用品,为旅客提供现场出入境咨询、困难帮助、维护秩序等贴心服务。同时,该站还推行边境跨国旅游团队网上24小时报检服务,缩短边检旅行团在口岸停留时间。 国庆假期,地处中越边境的广西东兴市游客倍增。肩负打击贩枪、贩毒、走私、偷渡等违法犯罪活动的楠木山检查站的官兵依然坚守岗位,对东兴边境管理区的车辆、人员、货物实施边防检查。“战士岗位在一线,轻伤不能下火线。”刚从医院看病归来立即返岗执勤的边防战士韦涛说。 一些人坚守岗位,为游客做好国庆黄金周的服务;还有一些人,则在未雨绸缪地为着民生保障奋战。 在北京丰台区大红门煤改电现场,4名电力工人正在完成变电箱螺栓安装、底座砂浆抹封等工作。国网北京丰台供电公司现场负责人张杰介绍说,煤改电现场都在老城胡同小巷里,道路狭窄,大型设备无法进入,只能人工运输。由于工程时间紧、任务重,电力工人日出而作,日落而归,一天工作12个小时左右。工人王骁说:“我们一定要在采暖季到来之前完成施工任务。” 国庆黄金周结束后,马上就要迎来一年一度的重阳节。 7日,国庆黄金周最后一天,广州市海珠区干部群众才祝国庆,又忙敬老。上午9时许,在广州市“海上丝绸之路始发地”��海珠区黄埔村,为期3天的第四届岭南祠堂文化节开幕。与往届不同的是,本届文化节还邀请到被评为省级非物质文化遗产的“潮阳英歌舞队”前来助阵。剪纸大师陈翠冰、宫灯大师罗敏欣、广彩大师赵艺明等广府民间手工艺传承人,则齐聚古村中的胡氏祠堂,妙手打造民间工艺体验馆,吸引了不少游客前来观赏和体验。海珠区委常委、宣传部长许芳表示,能给全区老人敬献上一份沉甸甸的节日祝福,又弘扬了传统的广府文化,十分有意义。 (综合贺勇、龚仕建、谢振华、罗艾桦、庞革平、农伟宁报道) (责编:谷妍、王丽)相关的主题文章: