Ports 1961, follow Qi Wei and go on vacation! shiyang

Ports 1961, follow Qi Wei and go on vacation! If life is a walk away, it is perfect. Milan local time 13:15 on September 22nd, 1961 Ports ports in Via Bergognone 26 show released spring 2017 dress series. Women’s creative director Natasa Cagalj filled with fun in the design inspiration this season has infinite zoom, color and details of all fresh and bright seemed to beckon to you, put aside all the troubles and boring, enjoy a go seaside Carnival holiday party! [show guests] the Ports invited to see the show star is Qi Wei. Osaka is filming the movie "hunt" heroine "Mayumi" Qi Wei and Taiwan actor Song Yunhua flew to Milan, the first row to see the show. In 1978, Chinese release, starring Ken Takakura and Nakano Yoshiko’s "hunt" as the first mainland release of foreign films, is that in the hearts of countless people classic memories. The new "Mayumi" and Qi Wei has the same character with long hair and she wore a T-shirt valiant and heroic in bearing a white shirt, black trousers collocation ports to see the show, "black and white" is casual chic. This seemingly simple collocation is actually a mystery, no Lun is a decoration ribbon shirt collar and shoulder stitching or trousers on both sides, are best reflected in Natasa "Skeleton framework" groundbreaking design: in the creation process will only retain the heart cut clothes, contour and mosaic to another deconstruction dress on. This is also consistent with her "WORK IN PROGRESS" creative ideas, so that everything is not completed, enjoy the design process of those unknown surprises. Show [analysis] industry after the full sense of art show with old seaside beach locker room unique retro tone. Inspired by the flowers and tropical beach fun full color paragliding, lazy beautiful all kinds of stripes, loose and comfortable, wide color, color stitching and knitting printing large flowers warm occupy the protagonist, with extremely soft and comfortable silk and cotton material, with high sense of "deductive pajamas wind" Natasa has consistently advocated the spirit of optimism most incisive interpretation. And all kinds of irregular cutting and elements of the reorganization of the interpretation of the classic interpretation, once again continue Natasa iconic style as always. Indulge in pleasure hedonism throughout, rich holiday customs spread diffusion in the show. Don’t prefer plain old Natasa facial makeup, the supermodels are the bright eye-catching bright blue color eye shadow, or their backs or holding all kinds of woven bags and beach bag, beach mat, stepping on the beach shoes or casual naked feet, who will enjoy the holiday incarnation of fashionable guests. Seems to be out of the locker room towards the beach, the beach trail, with a casual and lazy. When the rhythm of city life more quickly, when people gradually to attend to the side of love and beauty, Natasa with a relaxed random holiday style fashion show to awaken the life pursuit and yearning: put aside the troubles, enjoy life, enjoy the moment.相关的主题文章: