Poor students refused to apply for grants because of their computer-thinkpad s230u

Poor students apply for grants to the school said the computer because of its original title: apply for grants to poor students rejected: because I have a computer at the age of 22, Liu is a senior student of Xi’an Siyuan University, he was born poor in Northern Shaanxi home registration filing cards this year, according to the provisions can apply for 6000 yuan grants living allowance. But the summer vacation he holds "college poor households filing riser children that form" stamped in the village, back to school approval, he was the school to buy notebook computer is not poor students "as an excuse not to send money. China Daily reporter inquiry found that the Provincial Department of education, the Provincial Department of Finance issued the Shaanxi provincial college students to identify the work of the economic difficulties of the Interim Measures for the development of 2007, has now been 9 years. Liu believes that the laptop has been from the "high-grade" items, become "economic" items to "buy a computer is not poor students" will be poor students out of the door, whether in line with the development of the times? Students: Learning in class can not do without the computer, the school teacher said, students do not have a laptop to send subsidies." Liu said, now the computer is an essential learning tool for students, we are engineering professionals, such as CAD engineering drawing courses, usually learning, doing homework, you need to use a laptop". Liu said, parents are in North Shaanxi agricultural. My laptop is more than two thousand yuan, less than one thousand mobile phones, add up to the two may not have the same half of your cell phone." Liu last year to successfully apply for grants, this year the precise Poverty Alleviation Policies, he found just hold the precise poverty filing riser, can receive 6000 yuan subsidy, "my parents are very happy, at least this semester tuition fee can solve some. But from the village after the chapter, to the school audit did not pass. The teacher verbal notice, there is a notebook computer students are not poor students". The poor students identified, as well as some students and Liu, as a result of the use of laptops and poor students qualification pass". Let Xiao Liu is not to, various departments have been identified on household income, filing tatsudo precise poverty, and the notebook computer a few years ago may be the high-end consumer, but now prices fell sharply, is essential for learning activities in schools, why the final audit has become the definition of poor student threshold? In the interview, many teachers and students think that grants the main object is helping poor students is certainly not excellent in character and learning, including bad habits, high consumer. South University Teacher Kong believes that "the computer is now very popular, is the students learning the basic necessities of life, and computer prices have declined in recent years, two thousand yuan will be able to buy a computer, still see whether to buy the notebook computer as applying for financial aid conditions, a little across the board". Xi’an Siyuan University: mainly based on family income consumption habits is the reference factors in 2014, Shaanxi in the province carried out within the scope of filing cards work for poor households, the purpose is to put the really poor screening out. Reporters learned from the official website of the Shaanxi provincial poverty Alleviation Office, in August this year, Shaanxi Province Poverty Alleviation Office and the National Bureau of statistics Shaanxi Investigation Corps issued a notice of 2018相关的主题文章: