Pillow 2 release of the national guard you Tian – big old house in horror entertainment Sohu-jiqingwuyuetian

"Pillow 2" release of the national guard you Tian – big old house in horror entertainment   Sohu; Sohu entertainment news by director Zhao Xiaoxi, Tian Jia, starring Zhao Huixian, Chen Ye, Hu Rui, Xue Wenjun, starring Wang Danwei’s horror film "my face 2" in today’s national release, the film side recently released demons version of the poster, four wonderful spectacle at the legendary evil secret pillow. "Pillow" series of stories inspired by the mystery Chinese "first ghost village" — door village supernatural events, the story is derived from Chinese core inspiration for thousands of years, "do not leave the bed vacancy, beware of the pillow lying ghost" folklore. The film with great visual impact pictures and moving emotion tension, the inner world of characters and interpretation of mining treacherous and mysterious China folk supernatural legends. In the gloomy cold dark mountain villa, the night suddenly smart music box, a mysterious red woman discovered the pillow and other terrorist scene appeared to present a real horror thriller texture masterpiece for the audience. In the movie general female painter Zhao Huixian’s company, together with several other friends, common to the mysterious ancient house, exploring nightmare root. However, a group of five is huaiguitai, some of the relationship very subtle. Into the wilderness villa, continuously "hell grimace and horror supernatural events, is their spirit to the brink of collapse. In this case, Liu Tian can play a "reliable warm man" image, he will encounter what horrors, exciting. "My face 2" keep a thriller "my face" works of horror, suspense and drama, whirling tone, more and more accurate grasp the scale of horror. The film strange legends, pillow lying fusion ghosts, deception, evil spell jungle and other terrorist elements, the common interpretation of my face horror legend.相关的主题文章: