Pig is also wrong Simulated farm cited animal protection organizations dissatisfied-queer as folk

Pig is also wrong? Simulated farm cited animal protection organizations dissatisfied with the launch of the model farm 17 scheduled for October 25th, not only for the first time introduced the role of women, but also the introduction of pig farming elements. But the pig element is caused by PETA (PETA) dissatisfaction. Simfarm according to foreign media reports, PETA has been to the game developer Giants Software sent a letter to, for they have to slaughter elements added to the game. A contact person Harriet Barclay PETA said in a statement, "17" or join the pig farm simulation is the scene to show the tragic fate of slaughter pigs in real life, or the "17" into a "vegetarian simulation farm farm". PETA for those that would be too cruel slaughter performance in the simulation game, should throw away the reality filled with animal meat dishes, become a vegan. Harriet Barclay said, PETA encourage everyone in the simulation game to see the tragic scene of the slaughter of pigs, which is accurate simulation of the breeding industry. It seems that members of the PETA organization believes that we only have a deep sense of how the slaughter of pigs is cruel, will be in the reality to care for animals. Currently, game developer Giants Software has not responded to this. PETA PETA was founded in 1980, adhere to the "animal is not for us to eat, wear, do this principle experiments or for entertainment, animal and human" that should have the equal right to survival, has been playing the image as a defender of animal rights. Founded thirty years of rapid development of PETA, claiming to have more than 3 million members and supporters, is the world’s largest animal protection organization. And this is not the first time PETA of the game industry expressed a similar view, 2011, "super Mario 3D," because the red hat uncle classic with civet cats so incensed the return to the game, PETA, the organization in the name of "treat civet protested to Nintendo. In addition, PETA has also condemned in the statement "super Meat Boy" and "Mom" and other games alleged cruelty to animals. (source: gamersky editor: WB) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: