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Physical discomfort during pregnancy? In fact, you only need to do late pregnancy, physical discomfort? Systemic swelling, frequent urination, urgency, stomach pain, dizziness, dyspnea is more common. This is not the most important, the most serious is that if the baby is abnormal, reducing fetal movement? The other is the rupture of the amniotic fluid? A lot of expectant mothers, in the birth date a step by step approach, originally very anxious, coupled with physical discomfort, in the face of unexpected problems is caught unprepared. Tell a lot of true mother is late pregnancy don’t pay attention to, make baby suffocation and so on. In order to let expectant mothers have babies successfully, this dish has found one of the most famous "five knives" in Chengdu’s obstetrics and gynecology department, Luo Dan, a lecture on the spot, to teach you what should be paid attention to in the late pregnancy. Of course, some mothers, can prepare questions in advance, and then privately asked Dr lo, hi sister didn’t tell you that. As a quasi mother in Chengdu, if you don’t know who Luo Dan is, hey, you can only say that you are OUT to a certain extent. The following simple introduce to you hey sister Harodan: Luo Dan in Chengdu maternity sector is famous. She has been engaged in obstetrics and gynecology for nearly 20 years, participated in international and domestic academic conferences several times, and published more than 10 academic papers in national, provincial and other publications. Once a pregnant girl has not listened to her lectures, back after a week on the Zhenhuai, this also specially went to the hospital to send a banner. So many examples, hey sister, don’t want to list. Anyway, this free lecture is here, and the places are limited, come or not, you see. The lecture is free, there are many beautiful sign gift for you to take, sign XXXX (HI sister to secrecy first secret, anyway, not to you will regret). Mothers will soon take your husband, bring your father-in-law, mom and dad to participate in the lecture! Lecture time: October 22nd morning 9:30-10:00 sign in, the 10:00 lecture officially started. Lecture place: Qingyang district (micro-blog) (micro-blog) (micro-blog) Bao Jia alley 77, Chengdu new century women and children hospital C building 3 building lecture hall. Lecture content: late pregnancy you have to know the notes: Lecturer: Luo Dan participation way: 1, [click I want to sign up] 2, fill in the contact way, in October 21st, sister will send text messages notify the darling, in October 22nd by SMS can participate. Hi sister reminded: the lecture does not charge any fees, on-site attendance can also receive sign in ceremony, lectures with family members, mothers who want to spontaneous mothers must not miss it!

孕期身体各种难受?其实你只需要这样做到了孕晚期,身体出现各种难受?全身肿胀、尿频尿急不说,肚子疼、头晕、呼吸困难更是常有的事。这还不是最主要的,最严重的是如果宝宝出现异常,胎动减少了?羊水破裂了等究竟该咋办?很多准妈妈,在预产期一步步逼近的时候,本来就很焦虑,加上身体的不适,面对突发问题更是措手不及。讲真很多准妈就是孕晚期不注意,使得宝宝窒息等等。为了让准妈妈们顺利生下宝宝,这盘,嗨姐找到成都妇产界最有名的“五把刀”之一——罗丹,现场讲座,面对面教你孕晚期要注意的事。当然有心的准妈妈,可以提前准备好问题,然后私下问罗医生,表说嗨姐没有告诉你。作为成都的准妈妈,如果还不知道罗丹是谁的话,嗨姐只能说你真是OUT到一定的境界了。下面嗨姐简单来给你介绍哈罗丹:罗丹,在成都妇产界可谓是名声赫赫。她从事妇产科工作近20年, 数次参加国际国内学术会议,在国家级、省级等刊物上发表学术论文10多篇。有次一个一直没怀上的女娃娃听了她的讲座,回去后一周真怀上了,为此还专门跑到医院送锦旗。例子真的是多到嗨姐不想罗列。反正这次这个免费讲座活动就在这里,现场名额有限,来或不来,你看着办。讲座不仅免费,还有众多精美签到礼等你来拿,签到就有XXXX(嗨姐要先卖个关子保密一下,反正不来你会后悔)。 准妈妈们赶紧带上你的老公,带上你的公公婆婆,爸爸妈妈快来参与讲座吧!讲座时间:10月22日上午9:30-10:00签到,10:00讲座正式开始。讲座地点:青羊区(微博)(微博)(微博)包家巷77号成都新世纪妇女儿童医院C楼3楼学术报告厅。讲座内容:孕晚期你不得不知的注意事项讲课讲师:罗丹参与方式:1、【点击我要报名】2、填好联系方式后,10月21日嗨姐会发短信通知乖乖们,10月22 日凭短信参加即可。嗨姐提醒:该讲座不收取任何费用,现场签到还能领取签到礼,讲座可带家属陪同,想顺产的准妈妈们千万不要错过了哦!相关的主题文章: