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Peter Julie divorce, Aniston Obama was robbed of the limelight – focus Sohu   entertainment; Julie Peter Pan Fried divorce news entertainment news station in the North American Sohu social network (Maggie Ma) 20, certainly a lot of people not to work properly. Early in the morning broke Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt of the Hollywood the most popular divorce news, suddenly on the social network pan fried, people do not hesitate to use work time to quickly become the #Brangelina each one airs his own views, the word North American social network. First, a lot of social networking hot friends expressed sadness and regret for this message, and even said that no mood to work!" Also, some people quickly remind ladies! Brad Pitt is single again!" Also see a joke; keyboard man, Julie and Peter laugh is the most American cultural symbol only, now also collapsed." Even a blind people eat melon: "this is certainly mixed Trump caused!" At the same time, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston also lay the gun once again become the focus of attention. But there are a lot of friends said, this has nothing to do with us, right?!" Actress Susan Salrandon also addressed the CNN media on twitter, want them to focus on more serious news, meaningful news, for example, today a black Terrence Crutche barehanded was shot by police. The news also robbed Obama of the limelight in the United Nations, becoming the headlines of today’s major media. A lot of people eat melon is very happy to be able to rest in the election news, look at gossip. Brad Pitt’s friend George Clooney just today have the opportunity to interview with CNN, asked about the matter, he clearly and other people like to eat melon was surprised, shocked, said before did not hear, feel this to Peter and Julie and their children will be very big blow. Two, Julie and Peter before life has starred in two movies "Mrs Smith", "coast of love" (By the Sea), two people are in the beginning of the last few years as a producer. Coincidentally, last year two people cooperation "coast of love" (Julie also directed) is just about a couple into the marriage dilemma. Coincidentally, Pete and Marion Claudia co star of the film "this year" Alliance (Allied) is about a love like "Mrs Smith" male and female spy after marriage but because of the war and suffered a broken marriage crisis, it is like life. In 20, after the divorce news broke out, the Union also released a new trailer. But the film distribution company paramount explained, not for speculation, the trailer is much earlier in the day announced plans. Peter and Julie fell in love for 11 years, more than two years of marriage, when many people feel that they have been together for so long, there are six children, why get married, but Julie has said that in order to give the child a reasonable explanation. In 2013, Julie received a humanitarian award from the state of Oscar, and was happy to attend with Pitt and the children."相关的主题文章: