Personal information leakage survey demand of student information by layers of reselling Beijing-vstart

Personal information leakage survey: demand of student information by layers of reselling Beijing just to buy a new house decoration company will receive telemarketing calls, a child to go to school training institutions invited telephone, online shopping just under the orders, second days may receive no goods refund fraud phone booking flights don’t take off, change the telephone fraud refund will ensue, it can be said now numerous harassment, telephone fraud has covered all aspects of our lives, also let a person not to mind taking the trouble. The existence of these phenomena are due to the serious leakage of personal information. So, what is the person in the wanton violation of our personal information? The day before our Hubei reporter in-depth investigation, all kinds of information on the sale of black chain carried out. Hubei: the purchase of decoration received a large number of sales calls home Hubei Shiyan Mr. White, in the city last year, a real estate to buy a house, the house will launch in April this year, when his mobile phone suddenly received a lot of phone call is not the decoration company is selling floor doors and windows agents, one day Mr. most received a dozen such calls. This Mr. White put their experience to the Internet, quickly attracted a large number of users have the same experience with reply, then what is the Mr. White’s property information leaked? Local police to call a number of decoration companies were visited by the investigation, the clues eventually pointed to the sale of a sales staff, mr.. After questioning the parties concerned, the police found that Wang in April 2016 to June, the use of his position, the collection of thousands of owners of information sold to a decoration company, illegal profit of 2500 yuan. In Shiyan sales performance of the sales staff of a month’s salary is far more than 2500 yuan, then why Wang risked being expelled from the company to sell the owners of the information? According to Wang said, the reason is that there is no a clerk to stand decoration company repeatedly inducements, the clerk was in the hands of Wang Mou to buy a house, after understanding, directly put forward to buy data owners wang. This salesman often recommend customers to Wang Mou, Wang received a trust. In Wang Mou will be the owners of information to sell to the decoration company, decoration company boss Chen will hand these information and other two real estate information to a friend, a section of the three real estate prices to 200 yuan to 700 yuan price, were sold to bear a more than and 10 and housing decoration company. Strong market demand the sale of industrial chain like Wang such reveal what the sale of real estate owners, the owners just reselling information crime of the tip of the iceberg, in Shiyan a decoration company in the computer, the police seized the Shiyan City 56 District of the owners of information up to more than 20 thousand, the opening of the New District in recent years, the owners of data in almost all the. Further investigation shows that strong market demand, it is an important reason for the birth of personal information trading industry chain. According to Wang Mou said that he proposed to buy the owner of the information is not only Chen’s company;相关的主题文章: