Peripheral female introduction of young girls to accompany drug abuse was

The young girl peripheral female prostitution accompany drug addicts caught the original title: ice diverted mother caught Beijing mulberry senior "ice" transformation "Mama sang" to the development of the source, who knows just under the plane caught by the police. Beijing morning news reporter learned yesterday from the police, the suspect Huo is already the second time was arrested because of drug use, in addition to her own reduced to a peripheral female, also introduced other young girls into prostitution and drug abuse to accompany guests. Currently, Huo and other personnel involved in the police control and further investigation. Just off the plane was arrested the day before, at the capital airport terminal building, a tall, a famous woman by several plainclothes police stopped, back to the police station. This woman is huo. According to the anti drug police, they are not strange to Huo, "this girl last year due to drug treatment, we were on her education, she also promised never to touch the drug, but now came to this old road." Police said that when they got the news, Huo from Guangzhou to Beijing is to introduce a few business". Sitting in the interrogation room Huo some weak, compared to a year ago a lot of old. She said it was caught last night and friends smoked methamphetamine, "from the" play "after I have been awake, very excited." Huo said she has been arrested in Guangzhou last year, did not come to Beijing again, this time to participate in a "ice party" on the "business", to a few peripheral female introduce guests. The mother sang according to Huo diverted when a confession, the police came to a Premium Apartment House in the East Second Ring Road, this is a meeting place for her in advance. At the appointed time, waiting for the police found to participate in the "ice party" in a continuous line through the urine, women, most of them smoked methamphetamine. The woman is tall, makeup. According to the statement, they are under the Huo’s ice sister to the party is waiting for the introduction of a guest to make money. The police will take back to the police station. Huo said her older female at the periphery of this line is no longer popular, so she also pick up as a "Mama sang", the small circle of friends "ice age middle-aged" to the guests, from pumping into. Police found in her cell phone has 370 WeChat group, the group of mostly female peripheral. Huo said, "business is good, do not worry about the guests," 1998 ice is the most popular, if done well, can earn 60000 yuan a month." The peripheral woman in order to buy luxury goods, cosmetic needs a lot of money, so the Huo introduced the guests all comers. Currently, Huo and other persons involved are being further investigated by the police. Beijing morning news reporter Zhang Jingya editor: SN222相关的主题文章: