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"Perfect" profiles for Valentine’s day Jiang Qinqin challenges the "two world" – Sohu entertainment "perfect beautiful" poster Jiang Qinqin stills Sohu entertainment news by Jiang Wu served as producer, Jiang Wu, Jiang Qinqin co starred in the movie "perfect" in the days before it announced the scheduled February 14, 2017. At the same time, the film side also released a "AB world" pilot posters, posters with red and black color, the middle side is such a large Sunglasses repair work, one side is a billionaire, show the two different kinds of life, and the next few Sunglasses marionette silhouette, it reflects on the film for the double life, and money, the theme of happiness. How beautiful the "perfect" tells the story of the hero chengtianle inadvertently got a key through the two world, A world is the garage mechanic Loser, B technology company is world billionaires, which triggered a series of contradictions and choices. Jiang Qinqin plays Zhuo Yanni in the film, the performing arts sector is the super star, is Cheng Tianle love in the two people in the world, Jiang Wuceng said, chose the role of Jiang Qinqin in, because the movie role she meets the goddess. Before the movie "a spoon" in a subversive village, Jiang Qinqin finally returned to the grace of the goddess, it is worth mentioning that Jiang Qinqin won a "spoon" has three titles, respectively won the seventh session of the United Kingdom as the international Chinese Film Festival "Vientiane actress", the first "Jinyang prize" of Macao International Film Festival "Jinyang film", and 2016 in Tokyo. China film week "golden crane Queen", which also makes the fans of Jiang Qinqin’s next screen this masterpiece more attention.   相关的主题文章: