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People’s Forum: to be a snow lotus holding the heart of the beginning — Xinjiang channel — people’s net snow lotus, is the spirit of the mountain. Ling Han alone, rooted in the snow line, proudly between glaciers; color pure, not for the buzzer splendor, the effect of more serious. Some people say that on duty Yuanjiang cadres Wang Hua, just like a pure lotus flowers, endure loneliness, endure hardship, withstand the pressure, resist the temptation to shoulder responsibility. Snow tough, holy, can be described as "trees are the heart". And people, need more "who does not regret the beginning of the heart", to set their own standards, anchor your goals. Wang Hua and colleagues say that the body is very good, but I do not know his office and dormitory put a lot of treatment of chronic gastropathy; Wang Hua led Yuanjiang cadres funded 50 students, but he told the secret school; in Wang Hua’s diary, rarely seems worthy of a "show off" things outside…… Those dedication and sacrifice, those persistent and adhere to, those simple and simple, perhaps not "tall" feat, but as snow lotus: only its pure, so beautiful; only its ordinary, so moving. Wang Hua with action and life, answered "Yuanjiang three questions" – why Xinjiang? What do you do in Xinjiang? What is left from Xinjiang? When people care about Alpine dry, scale, ultraviolet and other damage to the body, Wang Hua in Kirk Dallas City high school project on the site of day and night rush, in Xinjiang production and Construction Corps fourth division hospital comprehensive building project to build the application when the son because the father can not leave no stone unturned; right and left with tears when Wang Hua, in my high school born on Minuer Ma Hemu provided over the gantry?…… This kind of story is not earthshaking, but also unrelated to life and death choice, but let people feel the significance and value of transcendence. The reason is that "less selfish", more "justice"; out of the "ego", to achieve "big me"". Living is the banner of aiding Xinjiang, and falling is the cornerstone of xinjiang. More like Wang Hua, Xinjiang cadres, dedication in this, worried about here, some eyes almost blind, still stick to the post, some of his wife and children seriously ill can not accompany, some parents passed away, failed to see the last side. Education assistance to Xinjiang, medical aid to Xinjiang, industry assistance to Xinjiang, science and technology aid to Xinjiang, and talent assistance to xinjiang…… "Five, two, white and black", "in addition to eating, sleeping, is the work", is a true portrayal of many Yuanjiang cadres. Lu Xun said: "infinite distance, countless people, all related to me."." For them, the bitter don’t complain, because this is the call of duty; not retreat, because this is the certainty of belief; tired but reassuring, because it is the honorable duty. With the "Taihang Mountain new man" Li Baoguo, "live in the side of the ideal" like Zou Bihua, Wang Hua and more Yuanjiang cadres, with their own choice, answer how to be a qualified member of the Communist Party over the new era, which is called "two model". Through bloodshed, no longer have the ruined house to relieve difficult times, the phone in the war, a hail of bullets test, but for the Communist Party, call of duty has never stopped, but can not be shaken the belief that. About 88000000 party members by example as a guide in "learning" with real power, pinpointing the "do", in the ordinary post unwaveringly quietly stick to the needs of the masses in time)

人民论坛:做一朵抱守初心的雪莲–新疆频道–人民网   雪莲,是高山的精灵。凌寒独放,扎根雪线之上,傲立冰川之间;花色素洁,不慕蜂鸣蝶舞,更有药石之效。有人说,因公殉职的援疆干部王华,就像这样一朵纯洁的雪莲花,忍得住孤独,耐得住艰难,顶得住压力,挡得住诱惑,扛得起责任。   雪莲坚韧、圣洁,可谓“草木有本心”。而为人处世,更需要“抱定初心终不悔”,坚守自己的标准、锚定自己的目标。同事都说王华身体很好,却不知他办公室和宿舍里放着很多治疗慢性胃病的药;王华带领援疆干部资助了50名学生,却特意叮嘱学校保密;在王华的日记里,鲜有在外人看来值得“炫耀”的事情……那些奉献与牺牲,那些执着与坚持,那些朴实与简单,或许不是什么“高大上”的壮举,但却如雪莲一样:唯其纯粹,所以美丽;唯其平凡,所以动人。   王华用行动与生命,回答了“援疆三问”――来疆为什么?在疆干什么?离疆留什么?当有人计较高寒干燥、水碱、紫外线等对身体的伤害时,王华在可克达拉市高中项目的工地上日夜奔波,在为新疆生产建设兵团第四师医院综合楼项目申建殚精竭虑;当儿子因为爸爸不能陪伴左右而伤心落泪时,王华在帮高中生依力米努尔?马合木提跃过龙门……这样的故事并非惊天动地,也无关生死抉择,却让人感受到超越性的意义和价值。其中原因,正在于少了“私利”,多了“公义”;走出“小我”,成全“大我”。   活着是援疆的旗帜,倒下是援疆的基石。更多如王华一样的援疆干部,奉献在此、牵挂在此,有的眼睛几近失明仍坚守岗位,有的妻儿重病无法陪护,有的父母离世未能见上最后一面。教育援疆、医疗援疆、产业援疆、科技援疆、人才援疆……“五加二,白加黑”,“除了吃饭、睡觉,就是工作”,是很多援疆干部的真实写照。鲁迅说:“无穷的远方,无数的人们,都和我有关。”对于他们来说,苦不抱怨,因为这是使命的召唤;难不退缩,因为这是笃定的信仰;累却心安,因为这是光荣的职责。   与“太行山上新愚公”李保国、“活在身边的理想”邹碧华一样,王华与更多的援疆干部,用自己的选择,回答了新时代如何做一名合格共产党员的考题,堪称“两学一做”的典范。走过流血牺牲、毁家纾难的时代,不再有战火烽烟、枪林弹雨的考验,然而对于共产党人,使命的召唤从未停止,笃定的信仰更不能动摇。8800多万党员以榜样为指引,在“学”上用真功,在“做”上见真章,在平凡岗位上义无反顾地默默坚守,在群众需要时毫不犹豫地挺身而出,必能凝聚起不可战胜的磅礴力量,挺起民族复兴的坚实脊梁。   赛里木湖举杯致谢,伊犁河谷呜咽感恩。日前,展现王华事迹的新媒体作品《想你!天山雪莲为你绽放》刚一上线,不到24小时,阅读转发量就超过220万人次。一次点击就是一次感激,一次转发就是一次褒扬,这就是民心,这就是丰碑。虽然王华离世了,但他其实还“活着”――活在新疆各族群众的心中,活在援疆前工作过的句容和镇江的百姓口碑里,活在接力王华未竟事业的援疆干部的坚守中。   无悔援疆路,一生新疆情;初心永不忘,忠魂守边陲。王华已经化为了那一朵雪莲,绽放在天山之巅,守护着这一方热土,传唱着精神的颂歌。 (责编:阿通古丽(实习)、韩婷)相关的主题文章: