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People’s Daily: perception of the Paralympic sports mission   life – View – eyeing the Paralympic Game, courage and inspiration, will be more than the disabled sports what it means for the disabled? Disabled sports began after World War II, initially due to help disabled soldiers recover. Limb deformity does not mean that there is no relationship with sports, on the contrary, actively participate in sports, the promotion of physical rehabilitation of the disabled has been finalized. The value is more important for, from "not out of the house" to "face the world bravely, from fear to calm others vision to participate in social, self display, sports for the disabled to find the confidence and courage of life at the level of the spirit, have an immeasurable effect. To participate in the Paralympic Games in the Chinese wheelchair fencer Feng Yan said, before going out of the house feel nervous, and now able to leave home, came to a foreign country to participate in the game, the sport has completely changed his. There is an important principle in the Olympic values: everyone has the right to participate in sports, develop and improve themselves. For disabled people, their lives may be dark, perhaps tilted, but sports for them to open a door to the wider world, to help them embark on a path of equality into society. Hanging on the face of Chinese Paralympic athletes smile, is the interpretation of such a state of mind. To perfect people, enjoy sports for the disabled, tend to feel indescribable shock. Through sports, disabled people can also produce amazing power, with superb skills. And they have no fear of the kind of courage, calm face incomplete mentality, belongs to all the spiritual wealth. In 1984, Ping won the first Paralympic gold medal for china. But the Chinese people’s awareness of sports for the disabled has just started. 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games torch master Hou Bin said, in 1992, he participated in a national competition for the disabled, the audience only one of his players and two referees, stand empty. Contrast scene this scene and crowd at the Beijing Paralympic Games, sports to promote the disabled and able-bodied people understand each other, to promote social civilization and progress, can not be ignored. The Beijing Paralympic Games to the Guangzhou Asian Games, in recent years, China hosted a series of large international disabled sports, the whole society to continuously improve the awareness of helping the disabled. As more and more people with disabilities have access to sports, they have opened up a colorful door to life. The number of Chinese delegation to participate in the Rio Paralympic Games to reach a new high outside the competition, but even more gratifying is that the average level of education for this team is the most, most of which are the shadow of College students. The body, mind and mind of the disabled athletes are synchronized, which is a vivid reflection of the progress of the times. The vision of the Paralympic Games, the courage and insight, will be more than the disabled. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 09 August 23 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Qian and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: