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People protest the police shot dead black man Sherlock announced the original title of the curfew: protest continued U.S. city of Sherlock announced a curfew 22, people took to the streets of the city of police in protest against the killing of innocent blacks in the streets of the city of Sherlock. The Xinhua news agency to protest the police shooting of a black man, North Carolina, Sherlock city public protest 22 days into the third day. The mayor of the city declared a curfew on the same day to prevent more protests and violence. However, there are still hundreds of people regardless of curfew provisions, took to the streets to protest, asking the police to release the shooting scene video. Local police to hinder the investigation on the grounds, refused to open the live video, but the same day to be shot by the man Keith ·, Scott’s family and lawyers to provide a video. Lawyers said the video can not see whether Scott was armed. The Associated Press reported that hundreds of protesters gathered in the business district and government offices in front of the city center 22 evening, Sherlock, announced the video and other slogans. They had a brief standoff with the police, but no serious disturbance. The demonstration lasted about an hour after mayor Jennifer · signed an order to announce a curfew in the city from midnight that day in the city of Roberts. The government said it would last for a few days until midnight at 12 a. m., until the end of the emergency in the city, or the date of the official release of the curfew. Since 20, the outbreak of large-scale demonstrations, Sherlock City, some shops smashed windows, some innocent people were injured, there is a 26 year old protesters were shot in the head, others wounded. Local police have arrested 44 perpetrators. In order to prevent the spread of unrest, North Carolina Gov. pat · Mike Sherlock, Rory 21 announced a state of emergency, sent the National Guard to assist the local police to maintain order; 22 days earlier and declared a state of emergency. According to Xinhua news agency editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: