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Penguin niangs: should our country begin to cultivate animation talents from childhood? Hello, Hello, hello. I am a familiar penguin! Want to know the recent two – dimensional news hot spots? Do you want to hear the views and slots of the penguins on these hot spots? Please pay attention to the daily four p.m. the launch of the "Penguin" column Niang Tucao, we Be There Or Be Square yo! Once a "computer to start from the baby", so that the computer that has not yet been popularized has entered primary school and junior high school. Now China has become the IT power in the world. It can be seen how far this policy is. After all, if you want a person to engage in an industry in the future, first of all, let him interest in this industry, and the best time to cultivate one’s interest is childhood. The same method can also be applied to the animation industry. If we want to catch up with the US in the future, should our country start training animation talents from an early age? Excellent animated characters of the soul, with more and more excellent animation broadcast, many people have this occupation as a seiyuu goals. Recently by the 81 PRODUCE art contest sponsored by the firm voice has been kicked off, the voice actors in the game, only 9 year old bird (the bird’s tail light tail, much better) won the "10th anniversary anniversary special award". Held in Tokyo Shinjuku life of Yasuda Hall of the tenth session of the 81 PRODUCE voice contest "in the waste in addition to the provisions of the age limit, many young children also actively competed. 25 of the 2828 participants were selected to participate in the competition. The bird tail light, only 9 years old, got high marks for adding the sound of chewing bread at the time of reading the lines. At the same time, singing in the link is also because of the good strength, by the judges of the unanimous praise. Finally, he won the "10th anniversary commemorative special prize", and she was happy to say that she was looking at "the sister of the dry matter". After the small burial, it was decided to enter the competition. This netizens on the Internet have commented: "only 9 years old so much, it seems the future destiny circles have qualified successors." "Is it the time to learn, what’s the point of participating in the game?" "What would her parents think about it? After all, it’s the age of reading. " The penguins think that the people of China and Japan have made a very different view of this matter, probably because of the different reasons for the national conditions. Many teenagers in Japan have made their debut as idols, but Chinese parents generally cannot accept such things. In their view, nothing is more important than learning in school. In fact, to be honest, learning is important, but also to cultivate hobbies! Mahjong can be regarded as the quintessence of our country, and after Mah Jong is out of the country, it is also liked by many people. Previous scientific studies have shown that Mah Jong can make people’s minds more flexible, that is, Mah Jong can make people smarter. The great heat of the gifted maiden maiden also lets more young people begin to have a strong interest in mahjong. So, does mahjong really make people smarter? Recently, there was a 10 year old girl who had proved that her mother never had to worry about her study since he started playing mahjong. A variety show in Tokyo TV station excavated all kinds of routine practices. In a strange report of parenting, a mother didn’t let her children go to cram school instead of letting her learn mahjong, which made her get good grades in her studies. The 10 year old Xue Lin Xiao Xue is not going to a tutorial class to learn math and English after school every day, but to hit the mahjong classroom two laps first. And this life has lasted for five years, that is to say that Xiao Xue began to play mahjong every day from the age of five, and it can be regarded as a senior ma friend. Snow’s card is also a pupil and middle school students, sometimes back home and father and mother’s brother to rub two laps. The mother of Keio University, a famous Japanese school, is very supportive of the learning of mahjong, who believes that mahjong can cultivate the ability of children in all aspects. So how to cultivate children’s interest in animation? I believe many people will say that let the children contact some simple joy cartoon is better, such as "Chibi Maruko" "A dream" what. Penguins also think this is a very good idea. Although many animations are bloody and violent now, there is a lot of small problems such as bloody violence, but duer A dreams should be positive energy. But… Some people don’t think so. Pakistan’s justice movement MP submitted a bill to the Pakistani government on 4 August, suggesting that the Japanese national animation "the Dora A dream" was banned. The male has become a crime with shizuka! After the introduction of the "Dora A dream" in Pakistan, it is popular among children in the country that children watch the animation in front of the TV every day. Although the "A dream" is so popular, but against this animation members but to its list of four sins. One: the animation will make teenagers rely too much on science and technology and learn to be lazy. Second: the bullying plot of the big male tends to encourage the children to form a bully. Third: male with Shizuka content is not suitable for children to watch. Fourth: after Doraemon A dream of the prop to big male, the big male must first use his mother to try the effect, even if mother’s situation is not good, also ignore. Then the head and will go to his beloved singer to do the same thing. In addition, the congressman also pointed out that "duer A dream" is not just watching funny cartoons, it will encroach on children’s cultural values and fundamentally shake the values of Pakistan countries, which will cause very bad effects. In order to protect its own country from foreign cultural aggression and build a good future, the "Dora A dream" should be banned. Even "Dora A dream" so pure animation can be banned because of "love elements", it is really let a person do not understand ah. What can we see if even the "Dora A dream" doesn’t have to be sown? Do "bear" or "happy sheep and grey wolf"? Have often looked across the children imitate bald strong assault cases, can not help but Penguin girl scared out in a cold sweat, see "Duo A dream" even if there is a bad influence, most is a delusion or puppy love Doraemon, but look at the "bear" or "pleasant goat and grey wolf". Maybe, parents did not live to see it on the news! In yesterday’s "Penguin mother Tucao:" dunk master "a sequel to the popular? The friends of the Chinese network responded warmly, and the penguin niangs listed some representative opinions. Do you agree with your ideas? Well, today’s "Penguin slots" is here! What do you think about today’s slots? Welcome to comments in the commentary area to discuss your opinion! For the wonderful comments, the penguins will invite you to the list and give you a good compliment. Please share your answers to all of the penguins Niang also will pick wonderful comments Tucao in the next programme, looking forward to your answer! So the question today is – do you think it’s time for our country to start up animation talent from childhood? [the copyright declaration: This article is the exclusive manuscript of the Tencent animation, which will not be republished without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated. ]

企鹅娘吐槽:我国该不该从小开始培养动漫人才?哈喽大家好!我是大家熟悉的企鹅娘!想了解近期的二次元新闻热点吗?想听听企鹅娘对这些热点的看法和吐槽吗?敬请关注每日下午四点推出的《企鹅娘吐槽》栏目,我们不见不散哟!曾经一句“计算机要从娃娃抓起”,让当时还尚未普及的电子计算机进入了小学与初中,如今我国也已经成为了世界名列前茅的IT大国,可以看出这是多么有远见的一个政策啊!毕竟要想让一个人未来从事某个行业,那么首先要让他对这个行业提起兴趣,而培养一个人兴趣的最好时候就是童年时期。那么同样的方法我们也可以运用到动漫行业里,如果未来国漫想要赶美超日的话,我国是不是应该从小就开始培养动漫人才呢?声优是动画人物的灵魂,随着越来越多优秀动画的播出,不少人把声优这一职业作为了人生的奋斗目标。近日由81 PRODUCE艺能事务所主办的声优选拔比赛已经拉开帷幕了,在这次的声优比赛中,年仅9岁的鸟尾光(鳥尾ひかり)荣获了“10周年纪念特别奖”。在东京新宿的安田生命大厅举办的“第10届81 PRODUCE声优选拔比赛”中废除了年龄限制的规定,许多年轻的孩子也积极地报名参赛。从2828名参赛候选者中挑选出了25名参加了本次比赛。年仅9岁的鸟尾光,因在念台词的时候加入了咀嚼面包的声音而得到了高分。同时在唱歌环节也因为实力不错,受到了评委的一致好评。最后获得了“10周年纪念特别奖”,她开心地表示是看了《干物妹!小埋》之后,才决定报名参赛的。对此网友们在网络上纷纷发表评论:“才9岁就这么厉害了,看来将来的声优界后继有人。”“现在正是学习的时候,参加比赛有什么意义吗?”“她父母会怎么想呢?毕竟是还在读书的年龄。”企鹅娘认为,中日两国人民之所以对这一件事产生了截然不同的看法,大概是因为国情不同的原因吧。在日本很多十几岁的孩子就已经作为偶像出道了,但是中国家长一般是接受不了这样的事情,在他们看来,没有任何事情比在学校里待着学习更为重要。其实平心而论,学习固然重要,但是兴趣爱好也是同样要培养的!麻将可以算得上是我国的国粹了,麻将走出国门之后也受到很多人的喜欢。之前曾有科学研究表明打麻将可以让人的头脑更加灵活,也就是说打麻将会让人更聪明。而《天才麻将少女》的大热也让更多的年轻人开始对麻将产生了浓厚的兴趣。那么,打麻将真的会让人变聪明吗?最近,就有一位10岁的小女孩亲身证明,自从开始打麻将之后,妈妈再也不用担心她的学习了!东京电视台的一档综艺节目专门挖掘各种违反常规的事情,在某次报道奇特的育儿经环节中,一位妈妈不让自己的小孩去补习,反而让她学习麻将,这让她在学习上取得了很好的成绩。10岁的中林小雪每天放学之后不是去补习班补习数学和英语,而是到麻将教室先打两圈。而这样的生活已经持续了五年了,也就是说小雪从五岁开始就每天打麻将了,可以算得上是一位资深麻友了。小雪的牌搭子也都是小学生和中学生,有时候回到家还要和爸爸妈妈弟弟再搓两圈。日本名校庆应大学毕业的妈妈非常支持小雪学习麻将,妈妈认为麻将可以培养小孩子的各方面能力。那么如何培养孩子们对于动漫的兴趣呢?相信很多人都会说先让孩子们接触一些简单欢乐的少儿动画比较好,比如《樱桃小丸子》《哆啦A梦》什么的。企鹅娘也认为这是一个非常好的主意,虽然现在很多少儿动画都有着血腥暴力等一些小问题,但是《哆啦A梦》这样的良心动画总应该是正能量十足了吧?然而……有些人却不这样认为。巴基斯坦的正义运动党议员于8月4日向巴政府提交议案,建议禁播日本国民动画《哆啦A梦》。其中大雄勾搭静香竟然成为了罪状!《哆啦A梦》被巴基斯坦引进后,在巴国的儿童中大受欢迎,孩子们每天都会守在电视机前观看该动画。尽管《哆啦A梦》如此受欢迎,但反对这部动画的议员却给它列出了四大罪。其一:该动画会使青少年过于依赖科学技术,学会偷懒。其二:大雄被欺负的情节容易助长孩子间形成欺凌的风气。其三:大雄勾搭静香的内容不适合孩子观看。其四:哆啦A梦把道具给大雄以后,大雄一定都先用他的妈妈来试效果,就算妈妈情况不妙也置之不理。然后大雄转头又会去对他心爱的静香做一样的事。另外,这位议员还指出《哆啦A梦》不是单纯看着好玩的动画,它会侵害孩子的文化价值观,从根本上动摇巴基斯坦国家的价值观,会造成非常恶劣的影响。为了从外国的文化侵略中保护自己的国家,构筑良好的未来,应该禁播《哆啦A梦》。连《哆啦A梦》这么纯洁的动漫都能因为“爱情元素”给禁播了,真是让人搞不懂啊。如果连《哆啦A梦》都不让播了那我们还能看什么呢?《熊出没》或者《喜羊羊和灰太狼》吗?看着全国各地经常发生的小孩子模仿光头强伤人案件,企鹅娘不禁吓出来一身冷汗,看《哆啦A梦》就算是有点坏影响,最多也就是孩子早恋或者妄想有一个机器猫而已,但是看《熊出没》或者《喜羊羊和灰太狼》的话,说不定家长一下没看住就上新闻了!在昨天的《企鹅娘吐槽:《灌篮高手》出了续作还能够火爆吗?》中网友们回复热烈,在此企鹅娘列举出了一些具有代表性的意见,是否和你的想法一致呢?好了,今天的《企鹅娘吐槽》就到这里了!对于今天的吐槽你有什么看法呢?欢迎在评论区留言讨论你的看法!对于精彩的评论,企鹅娘都会邀你上榜并好好地夸奖你哟!请把你的答案分享给大家,企鹅娘也会挑选出精彩的评论在下期的节目中进行吐槽,期待你们的答案!那么今天的问题是——你认为,我国该不该从小开始培养动漫人才?【版权声明:本文是腾讯动漫独家稿件,未经授权,不得转载,否则将追究法律责任。】相关的主题文章: