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Parents emotional stability, how important is the child in the end? Author Xie Kehui – Sohu maternal | Kai Shu said emotional kaishushuo people often have to face the problem, find no solutions to tangle. There is no right or wrong mood, there is a reasonable. But obviously, that’s what we need to take. When we can not digest, passed to the child, in the end will be a manifestation of wounding. At that moment may not have thought, emotional restraint of the vent, the child will have a sense of guilt. They will think that mom and dad are not happy, is something wrong. Want equal treatment of children and his communication, first of all, please calm mood, he in a sense of security, you can see his voice. To the end of life as often with Brooks and high Pavilion Qingji, it has recently dropped the twilight, who knows to return? Muse wine in the mountains, as in youth, I left the night by boat. I could, deeply a new error, how to? How to cross? A mind, such as startled shaou egret…… Parents emotional stability, how important is the child in the end? Over the years, many educators and children in the community have been paying close attention to this topic. There was once a picture book is "angry, yelling at her mother", was all the rage, the picture content is a little penguin in the face of the mother angry, scared to death. Finally, even if the mother found a small penguin, but the child has been irreparable damage to the heart. A large number of surveys show that parents are emotionally stable, children are more happy and safe. When I was young, I met a boy who once went to an interesting class. He sat behind me, every day happy, secretly pulled my braids; at the end of the class, take my pen to run over the world, loudly say "you come and get me out of order"; note to me, with a picture of "pig" and "bear", next to write my name. I don’t like him, because he does not give face everywhere, make the whole class know that I call "pig". This time in front of me around laughing boy, one day, suddenly disappeared. Two weeks later, he came back to me. He was as silent as a soldier, and he kept quiet in every class, and he would not be able to pull me in. He occasionally red eyes, lying on the table. I was careful to ask him, he was talking about, he said, parents in a divorce, he has no way to go home. That year, we are thirteen or fourteen. The first time I walked with him on his way home, he said he wanted to kill himself. "The two of them weren’t like this before. Now, always quarrel, quarrel, they are angry. The mother will burst into my room, I kept nagging, I sat not, hit me back, my head from the books near, do not stop hitting me on the head; when she went out, my father came in, my father sat very silent, he sat behind you, I not making any sound, he is a man in a very bad mood." Thirteen year old people know – what相关的主题文章: