Liuzhou East Avenue extension line opened to traffic, two-way six lane motor vehicles 66814

Liuzhou City willow Avenue East extension line opened vehicle two-way six lane Southland today reported Liuzhou   in October 8th, I learned from relevant departments, in the completion of the road engineering, traffic engineering, road engineering, green engineering, willow Avenue East extension line will have been opened to traffic in October 9th. The new Willow Road connecting the Liuzhou urban area and the willow East New District (the original project named Liu Dong Avenue) was completed in 2006. The road is designed as a two-way six lanes, with a total length of about 14 km, which is the main arterial road of the city. In December 2008, Liuzhou city decided to Liu Dong Avenue North Extension to Luzhai County, to get rid of Liu Dong District, Luzhai County into the "bottleneck of one hour economic circle". Willow Avenue East extension line from the South East Avenue Luorong end point (Luorong Town West), North Zhai Luzhai County finally fly overpass ramp terminal, the vehicle is about 17.2 kilometers, two-way six lane design speed of 60 km. The project started in October 2009, with a total investment of 970 million yuan. Liu East Avenue extension line passes along Luorong Town, Pangu Industrial Park, Luzhai County Center Industrial Park, is a key part of Liu deer corridor "development. 柳州市柳东大道延长线全线通车 机动车双向六车道   南国今报柳州讯 10月8日,笔者从有关部门了解到,在完成道路工程、交通工程、路灯工程、绿化工程后,柳东大道延长线将于10月9日全线通车。   连通柳州市区和柳东新区的新柳大道(原项目名柳东大道)于2006年完工,道路设计为双向六车道,全长约14公里,为城市一级主干道。2008年12月,柳州市决定将柳东大道向北延长至鹿寨县城,旨在破除柳东新区、鹿寨县城融入“一小时经济圈”的瓶颈。   柳东大道延长线南起于柳东大道雒容终点(雒容镇西端),北终于鹿寨县飞寨立交桥匝道末端,全长约17.2公里,机动车双向六车道,设计时速60公里。项目于2009年10月全线开工,总投资9.7亿元。   柳东大道延长线沿线经过雒容镇城区、盘古工业园区、鹿寨县中心工业园等,是“柳鹿走廊”开发的关键一环。相关的主题文章:

It is your eyes to see the world with you in Yunnan’s first guide dog posts (Figure) – Beijing

It is your eyes to see the world with you in Yunnan’s first guide dog posts (Figure) – Beijing, it is called panghu, is a "handsome guy" Peng Bin class, panghu usually quietly waiting. File name: panghu varieties: Labrador Retriever gender: male weight: 32.5 kg birthday: March 4, 2014 training time: 1 and a half years: gentle, worth more than 20 yuan: smart reminder: if the road guide dogs, please do not ask for a four "– not feeding, not touch, do not call, to ask is the initiative to ask the owner if you need help. Remember the movie "Q" in the small dog that cute Labrador? It is an ordinary puppy, but after professional training, you can take the blind master to school, park, cross the road, on the steps…… Become the master’s eyes. Silent dedication and accompanied by the owner of the small Q, touched countless fans. It is also because of this movie, the dog gradually known. In China, the number of guide dogs are rare, Yunnan had more is not one. A month ago, a trip from Dalian to Kunming flight down a "special" passengers — a yellow labrador dog. It is called panghu, behind the blind father – it – Kunming city blind dumb school vocal music teacher Peng Bin. A year ago, because of blindness, the mobility of the teachers made an application to the Chinese guide dog training base in Dalian, the other soon to accept his request, let the panghu become trained with regularity Peng teacher assistant. Panghu arrival, let Yunnan have a first guide dog. It is understood panghu spring love, training a guide dog is not easy, cost about 15 to more than 20 yuan. Every year, the training base from Labrador, golden varieties selected excellent pedigree puppy, rigorous training. Every year, China guide dog training base in Dalian only about more than and 10 guide dogs to graduation. So far, the number of guide dogs national official posts are not many, so I want to apply for a very difficult. So, how is the panghu be clever and sensible and Peng Bin become attached? Last year, my family moved from the school is relatively close to the community, but usually go to work or not assured family, often waiting for them to pick up." Peng Bin said, because of visual impairment, life is not easy, they are like a dog. By the end of 2015, try holding the attitude, Peng Bin made an application to the Chinese guide dog training base in Dalian, did not expect a few months later, the other party has accepted his request, soon sent staff to visit Kunming. It is reported that, in our country, for the visually impaired dog is free, except from the dog base transportation and guide saddle appliance such as fees, do not charge any fees. Usually, after the applicant to submit an application, Chinese guide dog training base in Dalian will send staff to the applicant’s application conditions of strict examination, and is equipped with the appropriate guide dogs according to the applicant’s height and walking speed etc.. Moreover, training base requires the owner take care of dogs, every day in addition to feed on good food, but also.相关的主题文章:

Scientific meat makes BB a meat eater tataufo

Scientific meat makes BB a "meat eating beast" [Abstract] meat, that is, animal muscles and organs, is one of our favorite food, but it is the same, but many parents fear. Because, many articles and reports have said that children eat more meat will damage the brain, autism, obesity, will be affected by hormones in the meat…… However, do not eat meat OK? Of course the answer is negative, and in accordance with the "grain for the support, five animals for the benefit", also shows that eating some carnivorous beneficial to the body. But the premise is to eat staple food. Therefore, experts said: for those who are in the rapid development of the baby, often eat a moderate amount of meat is to allow them to grow healthy diet. Instead of eating meat will damage the brain, become lonely, afraid of children obesity, by hormones"…… Give up this kind of nutritious food. Scientific meat: meat nutrition rating · beef consumption season: all year round edible. Applicable to the crowd: beef tepid, the baby can eat a variety of physical fitness. Chinese medicine believes that it can fill the spleen and stomach, strong bones and muscles, the frail, the baby is more suitable for anemia. Nutritional characteristics: protein content as high as 20%, rich in heme iron, is the blood of good food. At the same time, zinc, selenium and other trace elements and a variety of vitamin B content is relatively high. Fat content: the average content of beef fat is less than 6%, but the fat beef fat content of up to more than 30%. If the baby has a little fat, don’t often take him to the boiled beef. Recommended site: 1, the most tender loin area, suitable for short time cooking dishes, such as fried shredded pork, cooked meat, curry 2, halogen; shoulder meat is more tender, suitable for stewed; 3, sirloin for soup, sinew meat is suitable for long time or make the sauce simmer. Edible method: if the baby is fat, to limit fat and calories, is the best choice for Beef in Brown Sauce, followed by beef. If the baby is not fat, you can choose fried braised, etc.. But the summer should not eat boiled beef. Meat, that is, animal muscles and organs, is one of our favorite food, but it is also a lot of parents, but some fear. Because, many articles and reports have said that children eat more meat will damage the brain, autism, obesity, will be affected by hormones in the meat…… · mutton consumption season: best in winter and spring. But if the baby is cold and thin, the summer can also eat. Often "lit" heat of summer and autumn baby should eat mutton. Applicable people: Lamb of warm, Chinese medicine that invigorate Qi deficiency constitution, suitable for baby. The frail, afraid of the cold, eat cold things easily after stomach diarrhea in children is most suitable to eat mutton. If your baby is afraid of heat, eat cool things feel comfortable, often dry stool, you should eat mutton. Nutritional characteristics: beef protein, vitamin content and close, rich in heme iron, blood is good food. Fat: General mutton fat content was slightly higher than that of beef, the average to 14%, used to do the "sheep" mutton slices cooked in hot pot of fat content can be more than 30%. If the baby is thin and cold, in the winter with the baby to eat mutton slices cooked in hot pot is a good idea. Recommended parts: 1, the overall quality of mutton.相关的主题文章: