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The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon warning blue   Zhejiang Fujian Guangdong local heavy rain – Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon warning blue Zhejiang Fujian Guangdong local heavy rain in the central meteorological station 7, 06 to nineteenth this year issued a typhoon blue warning: Typhoon "Aere" (tropical storm level) in the center today (7 days) northeast of the South China Sea at 5 o’clock in the morning is located about 350 kilometers southeast of Hongkong, is 20.5 degrees north latitude, longitude 116.8 degrees, near the center of the largest wind 8 (20 m / sec), the center of the minimum pressure of 99 thousand and 500 kPa, seven wind circle radius of 120 to 180 kilometers. Expected, "Aere" will be the first to 10 to 15 kilometers per hour speed to move west, after moving speed slowed down, and less to around 7 to 9 days in the South China Sea, the intensity gradually increased, up to the strongest typhoon (12 ~ 13, 33 ~ 38 meters, 10 seconds) gradually to the east of Hainan Island to Western Guangdong area near the coast. Due to the influence of cold air, "Aere" future path and intensity changes are there is a big uncertainty, and there is the possibility of weakening in the northern South China Sea, please pay attention to the follow-up may adjust the forecast. Gale forecast: 7 days 08 to 8, 08, the Strait of Taiwan, northeast of the South China Sea and the coast of Fujian and the eastern coast of Guangdong, central and southern coastal Zhejiang will have 7 to 8 winds, the wind part of northeastern South China Sea has 9 levels, 10 to 11 level wind. Precipitation forecast: 7 days 08 to 8, 08, southeastern Zhejiang, northern and southeastern Fujian, Eastern Guangdong, Taiwan, and other places with heavy rain or heavy rain, which, in southeastern Zhejiang, Northeastern Fujian, the eastern coast of Guangdong, in eastern Taiwan, local heavy rain (100 ~ 200 mm). Defense Guide: the government and relevant departments in accordance with the duties of good anti typhoon rescue and emergency work; the relevant water operations and passing ships should be back to harbor, strengthening port facilities to prevent the ship anchor, grounding and collision. Related areas should pay attention to prevent heavy rainfall may lead to flash floods, geological disasters. (    commissioning editor: Deng; Nan, Ren Lihong)相关的主题文章:

33+3+3 Lakers new boss! Kobe really wants to see him.-66814

33+3+3 Lakers new boss! Kobe really want to see him Russell domineering war sina sports news Beijing time on October 10th, the Lakers took home court second times against Denver, after four day battle team finally beat 124-115, made the second preseason victory. The core of the Kobe era as Gilo Russell, Dean of continuing high optical performance, in the following 31 minutes in 19 to 13, of which three ball 7 throw in 4, had scored the highest 33 points, 3 assists and 3 steals and outstanding performance, the game is fully deserve MVP. The start of the game to lead 6-2 at Denver turn from a guest into a host, Russell assume the leader responsibility, no solution to wave the offensive flow open the field extravaganza prelude. 8 minutes and 47 seconds, and Randall a single block cover from the top of the arc after the direct assault to the free throw line in Ed if he can defend the ball inside, Randall (the first of Randall’s dunk is Russell pass; if not defense manufacturing), Russell can be a direct attack, Ed 0 seconds hesitation in law, Russell Toni Parke – a direct embodiment of the small cast, the ball into the net nest smooth and clean. The transition time round, Russell suddenly to the left corner, facing the tall Nur Kikki he was pretending to turn out and jauneau king of gods possessed a super high back one sheet, the opponent can only hope the ball sigh, accompanied Nikyan to a record three points, Russell led the team to a 9-0 attack wave, direct the Nuggets will stop. The board game, making process with killing efficacy in Denver, intended to double and contain anti Russell, can Russell at this time has turned to Kobe, two of his three pointers and sent the ball into the net shell, all. After a wave of super personal attack stream, the Lakers to 32-23 lead the first section, the data list, Russell 9 voted in the 67% hit rate, high efficiency of the bombing of the next 16 points in the first half of the game, the record is the highest in the United States, with a total of. Stubborn Denver still frequently force, can attack the rhythm of Russell did not stop, after the three time he apodeme, foreign investment, assists, steals, as the incarnation of all rounder, single handedly led the team towards victory he rammed a step by step. At the end of the game, in the face of Denver if a cockroach has to turn over, according to the game there are 2 minutes and 15 Russell again sword, the three – point line with teammates single blocking three shots off the cover effect, the ball with a rotary triumphalism net, the score was fixed at 120-108; then the transition, in the face of Jamal Murray’s top anti, after Russell left rolling back 45 degrees straight again three points shot, the ball painted with a wonderful arc into the net bag, with three points to end the type library after the attack, Russell as the game sealed coffin nail cover. The game once again proved that Russell’s encouragement in the present has been fully upgraded, after the era of the new nuclear Kobe? Russell with all the evidence, he has been on the road. (Shui Qingqing)相关的主题文章:

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[] gold lottery treasure turn arrangement forecast three 16295: prime number [] about lottery treasure gold three 295 turn lottery forecast: 100 134 on the 294th lottery: 61244 295th [1] analysis form size analysis; form into 2 small 1. This issue focuses on 1 small 2. The parity analysis: patterns for 2 pairs of 1 odd, this period see odd number, focus on the code 7 date, determine the main form for the focus of the 1: 2 odd couple. Analysis of the 012 Road: 1 0 Road, 1 road, 1 road, 2 out of 1; this period value 1 way ball number, about 7 yards, a comprehensive analysis of prospects; 012112122 number combination. The qualitative analysis: 2 morphological quality 1, the period of judgment, optimistic about the prime number, focus on the 7 with 8 number 2, 1 and 1 focus on quality, Danma   72 1267—034589 3 decomposition type two code combination of 784 span and optimistic about the 57—-7 5 68—-6 6 –*7* about the tail number [recommended] 1 elections double hundred 1 thousand and 340 579 3682 five code compound (including group three) 134783 bile 7 — tow yard 1348相关的主题文章: