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The Blackstone CEO: $5 billion investment in China about the logistics real estate was founded in 1985 by the Blackstone Group (Blackstone Goup) is a global leader in PE, and a Wall Street legend. For $400 thousand starting in 2007 to achieve a IPO, today, Blackstone has more than 2000 employees, with offices in 21, $356 billion in assets management. Many of our companies are familiar with it into the bag, such as Hermes, Versace, Lego toys, Hilton Hotel, Madame Tussaud’s. Recently, Blackstone (Steve Schwarzman) global CEO Su Shimin landed in Shanghai, and received the first financial interview. He said with a smile, "Hangzhou B20 business leaders at the summit just concluded, I sat in the second row to the President Xi’s speech, speech in place effective, involving a wide range, made a full exposition of the future in the world Chinese role." Su Shimin believes that the community’s confidence in China’s economic growth has been restored, especially optimistic about China’s logistics, real estate and shopping centers and other investment opportunities. At the same time, more of Chinese Blackstone wealth management market attention, compared with the United States, Chinese wealth management industry is still in the "infant", which also shows the industry has brought great potential." It is reported that a more than and 70 year old man, every Monday from morning to night, meeting and every one of the world’s Blackstone asset management categories, from private equity, real estate, credit, hedge funds, global comparison to comprehensive decision and predict the trend, this Monday’s meeting for thirty years. He finally said: "We are smarter not, we just better are informed." We are not smarter than others, but we have more information The China economic confidence in the past two years, began the transition Chinese economic growth model, difficult to continue by investment driven growth model, while the supply side structural reform will inevitably make a temporary slowdown in economic growth. This once caused foreign media on China’s economic slowdown dragged down the global question. However, Su Shimin is still full of confidence in China’s development. At present, the confidence of China’s economic growth has been restored, compared with last year, China’s economic growth is also stable in the range of 6%." It is worth noting that this year, Su Shimin also took part in the G20 summit chaired by China, and listened to the speech of President Xi Jinping at the B20 business leaders summit. Talking about the experience of the participants, has always been a little less than Su Shimin began to flow. "I was sitting in the second row. President Xi made a good speech, speech in place effective, involving a wide range, made a full exposition of the future in the world China plays the role of speech is inclusive, emphasizes the mutual benefit and win-win expectations, also very brave, daring to put a lot of. At the same time, in the face of China’s urgent need to deal with the problem, President Xi also made a lot of commitment. For example, the President Xi on poverty gives a lot of Lei相关的主题文章:

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Lance dismissed Barnes rebuked the pelican Pelican official: consider signing [collection] Sun 112-111 Pelican Warren 38 overtime lore Booker high Tencent sports news November 8th (Marc Stein ESPN senior writer) "genius thorn Lance Stevenson after a groin injury indefinite truce, he was laid off by the pelican, veteran Matt – Barnes discontent. The pelican responded that cut Stevenson is upset, he will retain the possibility of re signing recovery. The pelican may re sign Fen Sen "my brother Pelican hard, now injured need surgery, his efforts to get what return? Be cut off! The fans will be very unhappy when the player is free or because of money, but you also need to be aware that it’s all business. We have a limited career and have to do our best." Barnes wrote on Instagram. "Once you hit the wall or when the team can not meet the requirements, you will be traded, cut, or on the bench in the press. For Lance, the focus now is he injured, need surgery, need support, need help, but he cut the pelican! Barnes said. The pelican Quebingshaoqiang background, Stevenson already entered the rotation, became the first team six, but his strained groin. Stevenson’s injury will need surgery, indefinite truce, at least for 6-8 weeks. Because Tyreke Evans, Zhu, Quincy and other holiday Pangdekesite players injured, the pelican is now only 11 players can play, they need to force. The pelican has 15 players, the League limits, they will transfer only two roads, one is for the injury, two is to cut a player. Zhu – Holiday indefinite truce because his wife was seriously ill, not injured, which increases the difficulty of the injury for the pelican. In other words, the application for the injury is full of unknown factors, they have to consider layoffs. The pelican originally did not want to cut Stevenson, but because he was injured after need an indefinite truce, the pelican finally decided to cut him off, Archie Goodwin signed young. The official said, Stevenson after the injury, consider re signing him. Stevenson also said publicly that they understand the pelican practices, will not mind to return to the pelican. Stevenson height 196 cm, only this year, at the age of 26, is their peak period. He was walking straight into the eastern finals of the hero, is a star player, because he signed the wrong choice, come to this point today. (Tong Xin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

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How to do it? Keep the good soul of the stick to keep the guard ring (Figure) text: Hui Guang master someone asked me, in case of accidentally made quit how to do? Just don’t make a vow to repent is. But note that repentance is not a sense of guilt, guilt is just the discovery of sin, and repentance is far from sin. We can’t just introspection, just stay in the stage that evil, must also be disciplined. If accidentally made a ring, or do not understand the precepts in what circumstances make stop, then have more self-discipline than usual, can not allow ourselves to repeat, it is like we every day remove toxins in the soil, so that it no longer grow the seeds of evil, the evil seed is not growth the necessary nutrients, can blossom and wither on the vine. Always bear in mind that it is the law of self salvation, and that we will never be able to stand up for others, including our beliefs. We can use any excuse to explain the offense is compelling, but still must be responsible for their own behavior. Is like a naughty boy didn’t listen to her mother, ate poisonous candy, he can use many kinds of reasons to justify himself, but he still will be poisoned, is this. Now there are a lot of people, say it does not in fact closely reasoned and well argued, but hard to repair, or even refuse to keep good he should abstain from. Do not practice, do not defend the time, looking for a variety of reasons to comfort themselves, but how can not be redeemed have been wasted life time, can not change because of not doing the precepts and the evil. So, we must understand, not who is self indulgence and self indulgence much harm to others, such a person is absolutely not to be happy. So, if you really want to be in a limited life, to become a worthy of respect, to become a truly valuable person, then you have to stick to the soul of the benchmark, we should keep good guard ring. At the time of life in every second, must keep a clear awareness, always observe the state of his mind, not self deception, not drowsy, remember what to do and what not to do, and let this habit become a way of life, this ring true meaning. WeChat search on [] easily focus on Buddhism Buddhist Tencent WeChat public no..相关的主题文章: